Thursday, 9 April 2015

Space Knights

Left to right: Warrior, Elf, Paladin, Rogue
Edited April 13 2015

Some nice minis from I just finished. The dual wielding fellows are conversions (done last year!) pictured below.
When I posted on instagram, I mentioned the archetypes of warrior, ranger/elf, paladin and rogue being the inspirations. This was a development of being inspired by the video game "Destiny" which I have played a lot of with Mik (of Mik's minis fame) and an international cast of misfits. Sadly, our imminent vanquishing of Crota on hard raid  mode has been totally derailed by my internet troubles. I moved house and my ISP bungled the order twice, leading to almost 2 months of down time (fingers crossed for this Friday).

So, the first one I did was the blue-bladed "paladin" which is very much in the Destiny cover art palette. When I got to the other three last week, I wanted them to look very distinct, so pushed further into classic adventuring ideas.

Pin vise for holes and paperclip for pins

Superglue to fix, Pro-create in the gaps