Monday, 18 February 2013

Instragram vs Blog

I originally started an instagram account purely to throw a quick feed of my workbench onto the blog without having to be at my computer. The more I used it, the more I preferred the whole "picture says a thousand words" immediacy of the medium as opposed to take picture/import picture/write post/ publish post- procedure of blogger.

Much as I love instagram (which I currently use almost solely as a WIP log btw, you won't see many selfies or shots of my latest manicure on there) I do understand that not everybody uses it (29 followers vs over 350 here) so how to reconcile these two things?

What I'm going to try is posting via email (available in the blogger settings) whenever I upload a picture to instagram. It is only a few more button presses and means that you guys will get more frequent updates. I will still have the option to write a longer post, but it will be when I have time instead of getting put off for weeks at a time.
So I'm keeping both, but using much of the same content :) As such, I'll take the insta feed off the Blog.

So to paraphrase one of my favorite quotes from the start of Young Guns 2:

"Do you want the good news or the bad news?"
- "Give us the bad news"
"There's nothing to read but short instragram style posts."
- "What's the good news?"
"There's plenty of it!"
(Throws shovelful of instagram photos into face)
"Haw haw haw!"


  1. Whereas my Instagram feed contains soldiers, *plus* my manicures :)

  2. Call me an ignorant Luddite, but don't I need to own an iPhone to see your pictures on Instagram? Unlike 99% of those around me, I don't own a smart phone.

    1. It's a gadget that a lot of not-so-smart people think will compensate for their shortcomings, and a few smarter people just use as a tool to get things done ;)

      But I do agree that an "immediate" service like Instagram is pretty good for WIP's, where you might want to show what you're up to, but not bother with the full lights-n-tripod setup used for finished pieces.

  3. "you won't see many selfies or shots of my latest manicure on there"

    Was that a dig to me? ;)

    Are you still going to have the instagram feed widget or just auto-post instagram pics? I'm going to copy whatever it is you do.

  4. You could also consider If This Than That ( It's a service that makes cross-posting pretty painless and I believe it works with Instagram and Blogger. Slick stuff and pretty popular with techies.