Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New Citadel Paints?

image by http://ibnadem.deviantart.com/
OK, so I have some temporary lights (not bright enough) a dining chair (too high) an old table (too small) and some of the new Citadel paints. Oh, and some EM-4 brushes, plus some Citadel ones I picked up at the only FLGS near my office.

yeah, this is a bit of a rant. I have begun painting some unreleased minis and some GZG Crusties alongside them as you can see in the Photo stream on the right... And boy do I miss my regular hobby kit.

The 2012 range of new Citadel paint is supposedly a complete system, including washes, dry compounds and layering shades. The paint characteristics and tones are quite different to their previous ranges. I like to be open minded, and normally use paints from several manufacturers, but I can say that the new Citadel range has been a big letdown for me. I'll summarize:

Base black: Simultaneously too goopy and too thin. Weird.
Necron compound: "Dry"? more like a lump of jelly with water sitting on top. Useless.
Washes: Dry too shiny and about 1/2 as strong as the old washes. Needs at least 2 coats.
Astrogranite "texture": Grey paint with sand in it. Regret purchase.

The Em-4 brushes are good, but I needed a small drybrush and a standard brush.. I was forced by lunch hour travel restrictions/flgs proximity to buy Citadel brushes ($8 each) for these purposes. Money I should have saved.. The citadel standard brush is a splayed mess that won't hold a point and the drybrush is too delicate and thin. Grr.

They will do for now, and I can work around the drawbacks, but I'm going to be looking forward to my older paint, brush and other goodies collection arriving in July, and in future I'll be buying the rest of my paint online. Probably Vallejo (which I currently use a lot anyway) and Army painter.

The figures Im working on are coming out well, but it's taking a lot longer than what I'm used to. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Trouble At Sea

I'm really hoping this isn't the cause of the delay
I was expecting to be deep in the hobby again by now, but fate has decreed that my belongings being shipped around the world  not arrive until JULY.
This has really put a cramp in my style, as I was hoping to have my stuff by now. Painting desk, basing kit etc.. Not to mention my rather expensive daylight lamp ( I don't have my Pro-create either! Argh!).

My sister just had a baby and my girlfriend has also just arrived from the UK so things are extremely busy. On the good news front, I should have internet at home this week, so may be able to do some posting about other things.

Some random updates:

  • The new studio I'm working in is great, I'm enjoying my work and things are progressing well.
  • The weather in Sydney has suddenly gone really terrible. I'm not delighted that I took my Harley in for a service this morning and now will have to ride home in the rain.
  • I've been playing Summoner Wars (a NCCG) at lunch and sometimes after work. It's pretty great.
  • I started playing Skyrim on the PS3 a couple of weeks ago, which I was really enjoying. Girlfriend arrival has kind of killed that though. I'm about level 23, playing a sneaky bow-wielding assassin type.
  •  I do have one set of new minis to paint from a US manufacturer and will be getting onto them asap with my limited kit.. I still need to get hold of some sand to base them.

Sorry again for the extended lack of updates, but I promise things will get gradually back to normal.