Sunday, 4 December 2011

Harook by Mad Robot Miniatures

A while ago, Steve from Mad Robot Miniatures contacted me about painting the Harook which were being sculpted at the time by the awesome Pedro Navarro AKA Mr. Bug man.

Steve was shooting for a Dec 1 release, but with postage from Chicago,  I only got them in hand with a couple of days to spare. I did them as fast as I could, which wasn't too hard because these are great minis to paint. They pack in a ton of detail but are sculpted with those details fairly easy to to hit with a brush, and the models themselves are quite large, most of them around 20mm tall. Each model in the set of 10 is a unique sculpt, which helps keep it interesting. They have a really nice set of combat poses too.

Dropship Horizon has already scooped me on this post, but here are the full front and back photos of my paint jobs:

Armor: Vallejo Dark sand with GW Devlan mud wash. Highlighted with original color.
Skin: GW Dwarf flesh, washed with GW Ogryn flesh wash and highlighted with GW Bronzed flesh.
Feathers: Base coated with GW Iyanden Darksun, washed a little along with the skin, highlighted with Vallejo flat yellow, then again with some white mixed in.
Grey areas were done with GW Codex grey with a Badab black wash, then again with the codex grey.
The guns were Black, highlighted up with Adeptus battlegrey and eventually codex grey.
The gun lights were done with Vallejo Lime green, washed with Vallego green ink and highlighted again with Lime green.
The orange suit lights were Vallejo Orange Red, highlighted with a bit of yellow mixed into the base color.

I was going to do their heads white with blackish beaks to more resemble a Sulphur crested Cockatoo

(a particularly smart, rowdy and destructive Australian native bird) but was worried that the beak would get lost in the gun. I did the flesh tone instead to make the alien features more visible and to help the body parts stand out from the weapon and suit.

Long time readers of the blog will also notice I have gone for a grey base texture, instead of my usual Calthan brown and static grass! This was firstly to make sure the suit did not get lost in the base color, and secondly because I want to start playing a lot more interior/starship corridor games, and while not strictly correct for this, it blends in better than brown dirt and clumps of grass. I may add some further details to the bitz modeled into the bases like rust etc.. But I think they look pretty good for now.


  1. Wow! Your paint jobs give these minis so much life! And to think that you done all of this in just a few days, amazing.

    I'm extremely happy to see the Harook painted by a true master :)

  2. You are the master, Mr Bug Man... I just tried to do them justice. I'm very happy you are pleased with the results :)

  3. Your usual great paintjob!
    I agree that the grey bases fit better a scifi setting. Even in a jungle terrain they wouldn't look too off.
    Nice job!

  4. Thanks Brutpaul, brown dirt was so 2011.. Grey rubble is the base of 2012!

  5. These look great- you did a very nice job on them. some great detail on these.

    Bases are troublesome when you know you want to use them in a variety of settings- I agree, something neutral is probably the best choice.

  6. Unbelievable detail, in both the sculpts and the painting. In a word...perfection!

  7. Very nice paint,'ve got the touch! I can see a group of these warriors battling it out with a squad of Felids on my game table someday soon.

  8. Thanks Robot, you guys rock!

    And Jay, I hadn't thought of the Felids, but they would be perfect adversaries!

  9. "I DID! I DID see a puddy tat!"

    I already commented on Navarro's blog about this, but great paint jobs! You really worked with the sculpts to bring out all the details: their distinctive feathers and faces as well as their equipment.

    The fleshy beaks are a good idea; after all they may look like birds but they are the result of an alien evolutionary process, and their "beaks" could be covered with skin, or not really beaks at all. Anyway they have a lot of personality, which is pretty impressive for such small, non-human figures.

  10. These guys remind me of one of the patron species in David Brin's Uplift novels.

  11. Lovely work, been following TSS for awhile now enjoying your tabletop projects. :)

    I believe among the commentators I alone have the "Joy" of Cockatoos every morning and evening here in Melbourne, AU.

    Let me just tell you, if you suggest the Harook also sound like a gang of Cockatoos, then they will redefine the term "Shock" troopers. Rowdiest frackin' avians I know... but their antics make up for it ;)

    Look forward to your first battle report!

  12. These are great, you usual great job, I'm going to go for parrot greens, red, yellows and blues with mine.

  13. Allison- Ah, the Earth trooper colloquial term for Harook is "Tweeties" then ;)

    Chris- I think I read the first one in like 1988 but I don't remember it well. I liked the idea though.

    Tael- I'm an ex-pat, and my sister was almost driven mad by cockatoos in Canberra. Here in Brighton UK, the seagulls are just as bad and the size of cats.

  14. "Tweeties"? LOL. "Petty Officer Smith unwisely used some Earth slang, starting a huge brawl at the inter-species cantina..."

    Chris: the Gubru. It was my first thought when I saw the sculpts, but only because I read those books like, five times.

    Gubru were "evil" (want to destroy/enslave humans) but in the third book their military commanders are a mated trio who have to make decisions by consensus, and chose to lose a critical battle rather than launch an attack that would damage a planet's ecosystem. Complicated, and an example of why the Uplift books are so cool.

  15. Those are beautiful. Excellent sculpts and great paintjob.

  16. I love these figs. And since a lot of the alien races we are seeing in 15mm are Terran Uplifted species types, these go great. Here's hoping they do more.

    I hope that they will add some affiliated avians to the mix as well(larger hawks or eagle type special warriors) so that its not just one species that was uplifted, but a whole avian planet could have evolved. Thats what I am doing with my Garn, and also my Karks.

    Brialliant paint again of course. Thanks for the eye candy.

  17. Angry Birds... what about a pig enemy race? ;)

  18. Thanks Luckyjoe!

    Ken- I'd like to see some bird of prey characters too, or different feather styles.

    Lobo- that's quite a funny theme for a mercenary team.. I may just do that :)

  19. Yet again, my wallet cowers in fear thanks to your amazing hobby-ness. SPACEJACKER !!!!!! lol great job.

  20. A great race these parrot chaps and well executed.