Saturday, 17 December 2011

Barbarian And Wolfman

Copplestone Barbarian

Khurasan Werewolf
Quick post: Just a couple of figures I did a while ago in between other jobs, thought I'd post them before I forget. My camera setup is terrible at the moment, I need to sort out a better lamp and new box.

I'm really suffering from too many projects again, but will have to concentrate on my TW Strike force entry to make the deadline. I usually work of a few other things here and there while waiting for stuff to dry though, so hopefully a nice variety as we lead up to Christmas. I'm on holidays until 2012, so look forward to plenty of nerdy goodness in the coming weeks!


  1. Great job on those. I like that barbarian a lot.

  2. The barbarian looks like could jump off its base and charge you! Great job, Jacker!

  3. Is that a blue moon wolfman? Nice job.

  4. Germy from built some 10mm dungeon terrain he sells via Pendraken miniatures. I think it might be a little small for 15mm but he did also produce some sweet small dungeon denizens which would work for the larger 15mm scale. These are brilliant as usual! You are welcome to attend our retro roleplaying in Crawley, we have a game every other Monday evening with Labyrinth Lord and I am desperate to use 15mm rather than 28mm models :)

  5. Where do you guys hang out in the UK? I'm going to migrate to London in the 16th of January and would like to know hotspots and community there... or just for a beer with like minded people. :)

  6. Thanks guys, these Copplestone figures are just gorgeous.

    Dan- no, it's Khurasan from the mystri Island range.

    Robin- I'm going to come over to Crawley very soon, I promise!

    Navarro- As you may have noticed from my blog, I'm a solitary gamer so don't really know. Robin and I are in the Southeast though, about an hour from London. Stay in touch when you move!

    1. Spacejacker, thanks for enlightening me as to the existence of the Khurasan Werewolf. You have given me a cunning plan ! More cunning than a foxy fox with an ace up his furry sleeve :)

      Thanks again,
      my mini Gallery
      my WFB blog

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    I'm a solitary gamer so don't really know. Robin and I are in the Southeast though, about an hour from London.