Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Review: Mantic Plastic Cases

I bought 5 to test them out.

I realised during the week as I painted a zombie horde, that I had run out of room in my KR multicase to store all my figures.

As you know, I'm cheap and lazy. The cheapest and laziest storage solution for me turned out to be the small figure cases sold by Mantic games. They are only £1.50 each, and less if you get a bulk pack of 10 (Which I now wish I had.)

The main reason was that while there are better boxes and better foam, I didn't want to faff around ordering them separately and cutting them to fit.. And I certainly couldn't do it for less than £1.50 per complete unit.

Card storage!
The cases are thin plastic, almost exactly the same as old VHS cases, with 2 thin bits of loose foam. I considered glueing them in, but having at least one of them loose allows you to store cards etc. in the top. I am storing the unit's QRF cards along with them in the same box. Nice.

Khurasan 15mm Garn on 20mm round bases
I like that I can print out my own paper sleeves to ID the boxes. As you can see, this makes them quite neat and handsome to store on a bookshelf. I would have gone fancier, but I have become stingy with printer ink.. And I'm telling myself that the minimalist look is best anyway.

I wouldn't trust the cases to 100% protect my figures in a backpack or anything. With some slightly sturdier eggshell foam in at least one of the sides, I think these would be OK to transport figures as long as you were careful.
BUT, for storing them at home, they are an excellent solution for someone like me that plays small scale 15mm skirmish games. I can put a whole force, or even 2 opposing warbands into one box so I don't have to dig through my larger case to play a quick game.

Overall, the lightweight nature of the cases is more than balanced out by the (amazing) price and convenience. They arrived via the post within 48 hrs of me making my order online. Bravo Mantic!


  1. Fantastic idea and if only the foam was sturdier enough to handle traveling it would be the perfect solution to small skirmish 15mm gaming ( except for vehicles).

    BTW your blog inspired me so much that you are one of the reasons I discovered 15mm and how much fun we can have with this scale. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Navarro, that's great to hear! I hope you continue to have as much fn with it as I do :)

  3. By jove, I think I've got it, thanks to your post ' jacker; I have a fair few old VHS cases in the shed, now for some packing foam...nice one ;)

  4. I love a bit of DIY and recycling :)

  5. I knew about this method long ago but hell, I love to display my minis (after all that sculpting and painting it wouldn't make sense to not be able to stop by the shelf and stare at them)and since I have no need to transport stuff as I'm not a gamer anymore this isn't for me.

    Love the fact those are white; I've seen this done with black ones. If it was me, I'd be pickier with my ID sleeves and the fom inside (trying to fit minis into foam square shaped holes).

    Yeah I'm that paranoid about safety and minis!

  6. Hmm. I probably don't have access to these, but I do need to store the minis that are overflowing my display cases! My wife has sensibly pointed out I can periodically "rotate" which ones I display, but the stored ones still need to be secure. I like the thin foam sheets these have as padding, they would work well in other containers... if I could find them to buy!

  7. Just wanted to point out that I just discovered that battlefoam makes some trays to fit these mantic boxes. A bit expensive but should provide a better protection for the models.

  8. I take a slightly different route. You can buy a4 magnetic sheets on eBay for a few quid. I line the bottom of the small plastic box's with the sheets, then mount the mini's on uk penny's. A large amount of the penny's are made of some sort of magnetic metal so they hold to the magnetic sheeting just perfect. This way I can fit hundreds of minis in a few small box's