Sunday, 24 July 2011

More Khurasan Zombies

I have bought a total of 3 bags of zombies from Khurasan in the last year, with the aim of gradually building up a horde. These models are brilliantly sculpted with lots of unmistakable zombieness to them. Even better, they are only dressed in rags so will work in any time period or zombie setting.

My original set was painted green, and I'm not sure what I should do.. Mix the different colored zombies in with each other, or re-paint my earlier models in the new "resident evil blue" scheme I've done.

The original idea was to paint them in exactly the same colours as the wolves, but I panicked at the last minute and couldn't bring myself to do more grey miniatures.

I have almost completed some zombie conversions I did a while ago, made out of GZG colonists with some putty and head swaps with Peter Pig skeleton heads... Stay tuned.

Thanks for looking!


  1. The first ones were very well but I prefer these.

  2. The blue makes them look rather "moonlit", but is not really that convincing as manky flesh in my opinion. Still, these look good, and the green ones look good, so who can complain? I just wonder how they'll look together if you mix them on the tabletop?

  3. I must take a comparison shot at some stage. I think in a game with lots of zombies, having different colored ones wouldn't matter.

    As these are 15mm models, I think it's important to use quite overstated colors, otherwise it's hard to tell them apart.. Hence the green and blue. These colors were inspired more by video game art than real life.. The Metal slug zombies in particular.

  4. Yes, a colour boost is one of the things I have had to learn when doing 15 mm stuff. A "subtle" palette can end up looking like you just base coated them brown :P

  5. Keep'em both! The green ones make me think of Stalker and Fallout contaminated zombies and we all need a little of that special hot spice on the table now and then. :)

  6. oh and go with the blue Zs

  7. I know smaller scales need color boosting so little detail can contrast and catch the eye but still to me those are closer to 2000 AD's Rogue trooper than to resident evil zombies...

    Maybe more whited down purple would make nice "dead rising" zombies.

    I like those better than umbrella's ones tho...

    Good minis BTW