Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Khurasan Undead Wolves

the complete 6 pack of wolves in 3 poses.

I spray base-coated these guys black while completing some secret project models, and slapped some paint on them today. I was aiming fro a very fast paint job and they sure delivered!

Glued to sand topped 20mm platic bases, sprayed black. A quick dark grey overbrush, folowed by a light grey drybrush, then painted in all the teeth/bone/blood areas in solid blocks of colour. A devlan mud wash on these areas, highlighted once with the original colours and then washed again with Ogryn flesh gave a very pleasing quick result.

Picking out the eyes with yellow dots was a pain, but it looks really spooky so was well worth it.

These came out really well for the small effort they took, and will hopefully get some time on the table in  horror games, paired with my zombies, also from Khurasan.

Thanks for looking!


  1. They look great my Brother!
    Getting ready for Glorious, Wonderful, OCTOBER?

  2. Seriously, you make me wish to go back into buying "retail" minis instead of living under a rock apart from the hobby like I've been doing over the past decade.

    Those would fit nicely into ZOMBIES!!! boardgame. It's a pity that the game requires so many figs (and the plastic ones provided are so paint-unfriendly).

    Congrats for another quick yet surprisingly effective work. I think I'm gonna check the pics again before leaving.

  3. I am so eager to be able buy Khurasan Zombies...

  4. Excellent painting, as always.

    Devlan mud wash and Ogryn flesh wash - how do You prepare them?

  5. Thanks guys!

    Umpapa, they are both standard GW washes. In both cases, I just painted on a thick layer with a brush on the areas I wanted to shade. When dry I blobbed on a little bit of the base colour as a highlight.

  6. Nice! A pity Khurasan is on hiatus so I can't buy any... But at any rate your speedy paint job looks great. Fur kind of helps of course, being one of the few surfaces that doesn't punish drybrushing. But even so these are neat, grotesque little models with lots of "juicy" detail to pick out with a little paint.

  7. wow! they look very good!