Tuesday, 26 July 2011

ItEN QRF Cards

(Edited July 27th 2011, to reflect Grit values changed in v2 rules)

(Click for full size document)

Here is a test sheet of character cards I made for playing "In the Emperor's name" with my non-GW 15mm figures. (The cards are designed to save printer ink, in case you were wondering why they are monochrome.)

The models I've statted are:

Garn Flesheater
Garn Hegemon
Lhurgg Boss
Lhurgg Mutant
Zombie wolf/dog
Zeig Trooper (Titan Marine)

I've done a little bit of work modifying the game  into a non-40k setting, but it's not quite ready for release yet. Honestly though, the game is so open and tweakable that you don't really need to change anything in the rules except the names for some things. The fact that I could stat up my own minis so easily is just the tip of the iceberg.. The (solo playable!) campaign system is brilliant.

I want to have a bit of a zombie throwdown to see how it plays, so I started with those.. And immediately made up my own special rule for undead.

ItEN is a pretty special effort, and I think warrants a look if your'e interested in small skirmish games with any figures you have to hand.


  1. I hadn't heard of these rules yet, thanks for pointing them out.

  2. I had these saved but never looked. Read themaa last week and I like them too.

    Your sheets are excellent. Do more.