Monday, 11 July 2011

Garn Converting

While getting a little bit of hobby time (about 2 hours) on the weekend, I ran across my unpainted Garn, and was reminded of how badly I wanted the Hegemon and Flesheater models, but then didn't paint them once in my grubby paws. So I set about doing the second Flesheater and prepping the rest.

I had the idea of making a mixed skin tone unit, with more of a uniformed and less of a "naked dinosaurs in boots" look. Don't get me wrong, I think the Lhurrg are awesome models, wang out and all.. But the bare legs with human boots has always bothered me a bit with the Garn. (I think if they had open toe boots with claws poking out the front I would be happier).

So I set about the small group with some ProCreate putty, which really is easier to use than greenstuff as people say. These are fairly modest conversions, but the idea is that these Garn will only have exposed heads, arms and tails. The rest of them will be painted as fatigues and armor plates. I am going to do kneepads on them all the match the Hegemon, but am wisely waiting until the trousers cure so I don't mess them up.

Garn are still my favorite Sci-fi 15mm alien race. ;)

My next painting session is set aside for secret unrelased models, so the poor old Garn will have to wait a while longer, but my enthusiasm for painting them is high.


  1. Very nice, but I still like my Garn nakkid.

  2. YES. Very promising.
    Some trousers / leg armour makes them look more like fighting meat-eaters and less like pantomime lizards.

  3. Very inspiring. I may try trousered Garn, myself.

    Question: The Hegemon looks like he's flipping the bird in all the pictures I've seen - is this the case?

  4. He looks like he's having a pretty good time, that's for sure. I didn't think he was flipping the bird if that helps. I will post more photos when he's painted for sure.

  5. These look great SJ, worth the effort.

  6. Hey space jacker ,would be very interested with whatever iteration you come up with from tinkering with ITEN.....wonderful game, just GW is not my choice of models or fluff

  7. Crowmag- ItEN is very easy to mod, as the points building formula is provided,...And easy.

    I'm doing my own retinue list and modifying the psyker powers into generic abilities that fit my sci-fi ideas. I don't have a lot of time spare right now, so its a work in progress, but the generic "spacer crew" list is about finished.

    The solo campaign provided with ItEN is actually fine as-is.. I just edited out the references to the Emperor etc.

    I will link to it as soon as it's ready to try. I'm actually writing it in Google docs so should be easy to share.