Monday, 4 July 2011

3d Spaceship modular tiles

Completed tile with Micropanzer 15mm SAS and GW Rippers

 I've finished (forgot to varnish) some spaceship interior modular tiles for use with 15mm scale figures. They took a lot of planning, but were very easy to make once I had everything to hand.

With GZG Alien Merc

Following the same principle as my underground vault tiles, each one is a 5x5 gid of 25mm squares. Most of the tiles have an opening in the middle of each edge so that they may be connected in a huge variety of different layouts.

With Khurasan Post-apoc ganger
Here's the recipe:

125mmx125mm foamcore square for the base
25mm lipped square bases for the tiles
checkerplate plastic sheet for the tile inserts
IMEX/bits for alternate plates
Hirst Arts "industrial edge" pieces. Cast in Hydrostone from TabletopBuildings.NL

Assembly tip: I used a small individual blob of Copydex (PVA like glue) to glue each square and piece down. Spreading PVA all over the whole tile will cause it to warp.

Make sure you paint PVA thoroughly over the edges of the foamcore. This will prevent the spray undercoat from eating into it. I was considering hand painting the undercoat on but believe me, spraying is a lot less hassle. If you have a spray gun, then you can use acrylic paint and won't have to do the PVA.
The painting was quite simple. I drybrushed GW Mithril silver all over the whole piece. Then I painted some of the pipes with a dark green and used a wash of brown ink/black ink/future wax on the pipes and to make some oily patches on the floor. The goal was to make the whole tile look a little less uniform.

I did a little bit of an experiment and tried to paint on some green light from a computer screen spilling out. It worked OK, and I recommend adding some kind of small colored element to each tile to stop it looking dull.

Small bits of color make a big difference
What really makes this project work is the Hirst Arts pieces. They are almost ideally suited to doing this sort of thing in 15mm... They look great and scale perfectly.
 I had a caster make mine because I didn't want to hassle of learning to cast my own.. However if you have the space to do it, the savings of buying your own mold will soon become apparent.

I need to order some more plastic bases now to complete this first set of 9, but I'm really pleased with how these have turned out.

Thanks for looking!


  1. These look really tremendous. Fantastic stuff. The Hirst Arts moulds came out really well.

  2. Pretty cool terrain SJ, well done.

  3. Very nice work, like the clever use of bases and plasticard. You should do some variations and get them cast.

  4. Those really look awesome!

  5. Brilliant idea nicely executed.

  6. One more post like that and I will have to spend a while with my dictionary of synonyms - 'great' and 'incredible' are simply not enough anymore :)

  7. Thanks chaps, now I have a new goal.. Break Dis's dictionary :)

    I will need some bits and pieces to use as low cover on this board, so an e-trip to old crow and GZG is in order I think.

    I also have to order some more square bases for this, so next post will probably be the Copplestone Barbarians while I'm waiting for my bits.

  8. Magnificent! Stupendous! And very cool.

  9. Nicely Done! Very inspirational, thank you for sharing. I will be following your blog closely.

  10. Soooo, what scale checkerplate did you use for this groovy project?

  11. "Slaters Tread Plate in Grey, HO Gauge" , from Antenocitis Workshop. m going to need some more soon myself.

  12. Thank you very much. We are inspired to give this project a serious go. :)

  13. Fantastic, where did you get the bases from?

  14. Cheers Robs, they are 25mm square lipped bases from Em-4 miniatures in the UK. They have the word"Freebooter" molded on the bottom, which may help if you are looking for them elsewhere.

  15. Love what you have done. While I think walls are needed on my 28mm Hulk, the industrial edging is big enough for 15mm to be wall like. Very inspirational and given me ideas for my on 15mm version.

  16. Thanks Graham. For 15mm, high walls make it too hard to see or reach the minis. The industrial edge molds are a work of genius though, I've seen some amazing results that combine walls and edges.

  17. Hello,
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