Thursday, 16 June 2011

Projects Status

I haven't finished much or done any photos lately, so I thought I'd just do a quick post about what's been going on in Spacejacker land.

First of all, I've decided on a new way of looking at units to get through the lead mountain a bit faster.

I will from now on paint 5 model "teams". This was inspired by the 28mm game MERCS, and the Lead Adventure 5-model packs in their PA range. Both these ranges (and the Pig Iron minis) have been tempting me into "small scale" 28mm gaming.. But I have resisted. Another scale is a terrible idea... It would turn into a terrain building spiral that I may never escape from.

Last night I started by selecting 5 characterful aliens and treating them as a little team rather than worrying about what army they might be the core of etc. It worked, and I now have them almost done. Only having 5 minis visible on the painting  table is a huge motivator for me and I concentrate better. Consequently I think I do better paint jobs than when I have loads lying around -and my old GW army instincts make me start thinking about shortcuts. (Photos tomorrow)

I tried out Wastelands 3.0, and while it has a lot of good ideas,  found it a bit lacking in tactical interest. My enthusiasm for post-apocalypse gaming has been ignited though and I am still excited about the models I have planned.

While I haven't been painting or gaming much, I have had a chance to hack away at some rules on my iPad from time to time. I've returned to Cinematic Skirmish rules, with a concerted effort at translating Eureka's swashbuckling rules into a John Woo bullet-fest game. I have posted about this earlier, but now I have something a bit more solid. It has evolved considerably from the source material.

TONS of great stuff has been coming out lately, but I am overcome with guilt when I look at my overflowing unpainted minis drawer. Following is a short list of stuff I want to get painted before I buy any more figures.

  • GZG Alien Mercs
  • Micropanzer Aliens
  • Khurasan Post Apoc heroes and gangs
  • Khurasan indoor furniture (to use with my cinematic John Woo rules)
  • Khusaran eldritch creatures
  • A pile of RAFM Traveller figures. I went to a lot of trouble buying these and haven't touched one yet.

To close on an exciting note, Jon from Khurasan has asked me to paint some new models, which should be arriving soon. I can't say what they are, but I can say they are pretty darn cool.


  1. Must catch up soon and discuss our overloaded paint and project schedule! You would be welcome up to one of our Wednesday night game sessions if you ever get the time (and a working bike :) 

  2. My V-rod is back in action! Thanks for the invite, I may just take you up on it one of these day :)

  3. I've always liked working on figs in roughly 4- or 5-man teams as well. A team that size always feels like a reasonable accomplishment, but doesn't take so long that it feels never-ending.