Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Modular Vault Terrain

15mm minis from the Scene fighting Khurasan Zombies below ground!

I'm back from my holiday (it was very nice thanks!) and I have something new to share... An easy to make underground "Vault" board for gaming post-apoc or other types of indoor shenanigans.

a 3x3 layout

...Easily changed with a few swaps and twists.

I used mostly the same techniques as my Forlorn: Hope board, mainly so I can use my "outdoors" based minis to play indoors. The project was inspired in equal parts by Forlorn: Hope, the various 3d boards for Incursion I have seen and Mark from Dropship Horizon's "Pizza box gaming" posts.

The aim was to build an inexpensive layout that was easy to reconfigure and would allow play in a very small area. 
The squares are the leftover 25mm mosaic tiles I had lying around, and the walls are from a single A4 piece of  Blue Foam. Other bits and pieces including stuff from from chopped up Imex kits were used too. 

The whole thing is based on foamcore squares, each one measuring 100mm. Each tile will line up with any other tile and allow passage, usually via the middle squares.

The unpainted set.

A complex tile.

One with freestanding doors.
I have yet to play a game with the set (No time!) but I intend to use it to try out the Wastelands 3.0 rules as soon as I can.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I really like this -- quite a nice way to design a flexible gaming surface.

  2. This looks great (as usual) and has me thinking I can use similar techniques with making a Blood Bowl pitch...

  3. Whoah yeah! This would be perfect for an old school Astrogranite pitch, with swappable end zones and dugouts. I really miss playing Blood Bowl.

  4. A whole lot of smart stuff right there. Gotta get some of that IMEX platformer/hexagon junk.
    Always look forward to your posts.

  5. Then try playing QWIK!
    Glade to have you back man, you are a keeper.

  6. Very beautiful, I will make some improvements in my board thanks to you. ;)

  7. Looks really excellent. I've just discovered your blog and I am really impressed. Some really great miniatures and terrain on the blog posts.

  8. Heya

    Like what you've done here and in your previous forlorn hope postings.

    Hope you don't mind, i've referenced your post on my blog... if you have any issuses please contact me.

    Happy Gaming.

  9. Qualpha: thanks very much, glad you find TSS useful! I'm following your blog, keen to see how your boards turn out.