Friday, 17 June 2011

Micropanzer Aliens

Raivaui squad

Here are my first 5 painted Micropanzer aliens, the Raivaui. I went with a Dheneb stone base colour as I desperately want to paint all my aliens green, and must resist. This way I can tie them in with my Khurasan Parachnids as well. Each of the 5 figures is different, which I thought would be the most interesting for a 5-a-side skirmish game... Which is what I've got in mind at the moment.

The models were quite easy to paint, and are actually quite large.. The upright ones measuring 21mm to the top of the head. I like their poses and equipment a lot too. My only criticism would be the very thin legs/ankles some of them seem to have. They were all a little bent in transit and I was quite scared of breaking them when prepping them to paint. I think they will be OK though, as long as I avoid a drop.

I have just noticed that I forgot to put static grass on their bases. Oops.


  1. The figures look wonderful. Nice to see bugs in a different color. I think the bases look fine without the grass.

  2. Thanks Eli, the occasional base without grass will probably not end the world :)
    Maybe I could start using some other secondary element from time to time too.

  3. I've neverm astered static grass and tend to use small stones or even sculpted green stuff bits.


  4. These are great SJ, I really like the colour combo, it works well.

  5. I really like the paint job you've done as well - I have some on order from Micropanzer and these are the first I've seen painted up, so a timely piece of inspiration.

    The simple bases look good - gives an impression that they're wasteland denizens, or tunnel dwellers.

  6. These look like some nice, outside-the-box 15mm additions to consider. As usual you've done them justice, rock on.

  7. These look absolutely fantastic, I really love the colours you chose, they really stand out.

  8. Thanks guys, the encouragement keeps me posting :)
    I forgot to say the coolest thing about these figs is that they have four arms and insect legs. A nice change from the more common "man in a rubber suit" aliens.

  9. hmm... I have been looking these from MP webstore, but didn't like them really. Now that I see them painted up nicely, I think I must buy them :P. Great job, and you really do justice to them.

    1. Thank you! I think the trick is to make sure you paint the equipment in a contrasting color so you can see the alien shape of the creature easily.