Monday, 27 June 2011

Khurasan indoor furniture

Khurasan furniture set

"I'm not doing any damn dishes!"

Something simple, but probably overlooked in 15mm gaming is furniture. Yes, furniture! Jon sent me a pack of these Sepulduvan household furnishings with my last order, and I found a use for them when noodling with cinematic gunfight rules. Kicking things over and rolling along on trolleys firing two guns isn't going to happen without some props, and these have really got me thinking. I think I'll make a bunch of tables and chairs to kick over with my new pack of ProCreate and some platic sheet when I get some time.

Anyway, these are nice little models. I glued them to appropriate bases either hand made or leftover 18mm MDF bases I don't use anymore. A quick coat of Codex grey, gretchin green detail, then a black wash and some a bit of dirt drybrushed on. Painting things that are meant to be lying around in an abandoned bomb shelter sure takes the pressure off. Hooray for the post apocalypse times!


  1. From my memories of Fallout, it ain't a proper Vault without the big old white fridges :)...

    Its the little extras and doodads that can really add life to a gaming table but sometimes you don't realise they're missing till you start placing them.

    All the best.

  2. keep that Khurasan coolness coming!
    It's great to be reminded of the huge variety of nifty stuff we can look forward to ordering once Jon is back from hiatus.

  3. Nice to see those painted. I put in an order on the 20th. Don't know if it is gonna be processed or not. Hope jon is good. With GZG, Mark at drop ship, and now Jon, it's been a bit bumpy on the 15mm front lately.

  4. The magic is in the details...

  5. Hi, just getting into 15mm sci fi and have to say I am really impressed with your work. Is there any chance you could let me know where you got the mosaic tiles from, as I'm keen to do something similar for me and my son.

  6. Hi Rob, I got mine from

    The main advantage of the tiles is the nice weight and texture. And keep an eye out for my next terrain post, which is about carving one of these modules out of pizza packing foam!

  7. Heya

    I picked them up from Macro in the kitchen section as place mats of all things but i've also seen them in my local Wickes in the tile and floor section...

    Happy hunting.