Wednesday, 22 June 2011

3D Spaceship tiles begin

I'm quite busy working on a contract job at the moment, so the postman's knock was a welcome break this morning. He had brought me some Hirst arts blocks I ordered from Tabletop buildings in the Netherlands (I heartily recommend this company, their service, prices and product is terriffic). Mark was very helpful over email, and cast me up a set of walls designed to work with a Forlorn: Hope board.

I've gotten so into doing modular layouts now though, that I may forget about making the 3d F:H set and just build some more 5x5 25mm square modular gaming board sections. These would even match up so I could combine the two sets if I want a larger or more varied layout.

I haven't decided on how to do the floor tiles just yeat. I was planning to buy 25mm square recessed bases from Em-4 and then put various things in the recess, like some checkerplate sheet I got hold of. The advantage of these is that I can get good uniformity in the actual grid height, but still do things like snaking cables and exposed plates easily. I might even get crazy and attempt some LED effects... Although I bet that turns into quite the headache.

Anyway, probably won't get started for a while as Jon from Khurasan let me know today that he will be selling a limited stock of minis in the near future, so I will be forging ahead with some of those as soon as they arrive in the post.


  1. I didn't know Tabletop buildings, thanks for showing us.

  2. I was going to do the exact same thing for my Blasters and Bulkheads boards. I love the Hirst Arts walls and at 15mm they look like walls!

    Nice to see a scale shot. I have been cruising the pre casters for Hirst arts stuff for a while. I have a tone of his molds but not these. And casting can be a pain sometimes.