Friday, 24 December 2010

Garn Flesheater

Jon from Khurasan sent me some top-secret very exciting new models. I can't spill any details, but they are pretty special and will hopefully be revealed soon. Knowing what a Garn freak I am, he very kindly sent along the new Flesheaters set too. I had some time today so I painted one of them up as nicely as I could.

Left view

Rear view
Right view
Size comparison to GZG Human..
 This is about the level to which I can paint a 15mm figure before the point of diminishing returns, where the work is no longer visible in anything but a macro photo. I hope you like him, he was great fun to paint.

Happy Holidays!


  1. That turned out well.
    You are kind of good at this stuff...ain't cha?

  2. Very impressive paint job.

    Merry Xmas !

  3. Ha! Yes! These guys may be coming to a tabletop near me soon thanks to this!