Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Enemy Tactics Rules for Gut Check! available

Just a quick note.. I finished the draft of the Enemy Tactics rules and linked to them from the Gut Check! page. They are determined by rolling a variable handful of dice at the start of the enemy turn and looking up a result on a chart.


  1. The rules say "Roll a D6 for every unwounded model on the board", but I think you mean "Roll an D6 and the result applies to all unwounded models on the board." Is that correct, or do you intend to track the result for each and every model separately?

  2. I should have made that chart more clear to say the least.. The idea was that the enemy leader made a special kind of gut check, which determined what kind of tactics the whole force would use. It seemed clever at the time, but I've since changed it completely to a simple roll for orders at the start of each enemy activation. These rules will be added to the main rules as soon as I've playtested them better.