Monday, 4 October 2010

Garn Alligator and Crocodile class Vehicles!

Models by Khurasan, Crew paint and photography Steve Dean, vehicles painted by me.

Still no hobby time for the moment, but today some exciting news!
A while ago, Jon from Khurasan asked if I would like to paint some top-secret new Garn vehicles he was about to release. The Garn are my favorite 15mm range so I was very excited to see the new models and extremely honoured to be asked to paint them. I was actually working on these around the time the Mega-Shark model was being blogged about and was the last major bit of painting I got done in recent times.. But was sworn to secrecy so kept a lid on it. The very talented Steve Dean painted the crew and took the photos, which have come out really nice.

CLICK HERE to see Jon's press-release and more photos on

When I get some time I will write a little bit about how I went about painting these resin kits. In short though, good prep pays off big time, and I miss my airbrush. ;)

I have a whole bunch of other 15mm Khurasan goodness all based and ready to paint, but still too busy to get to them unfortunately. Wish me luck!