Friday, 10 September 2010

Khurasan Hybrid Gun Carrier

Jon at Khurasan very kindly sent me this Resin APC/Gun carrier with my last order, so when I got an hour or two this week I worked on painting it.

I was interested in trying to weather a 15mm kit like a larger tank model.. I don't like 'pristine' looking vehicles! This was actually very straightforward to paint and probably took no more than 1 hour in total.

Black undercoat, dark Grey liberal drybrush, touch-ups in same Grey. Drybrush with light grey. Drybrush around lower half with light brown then buff (VERY lightly) then picked out details like missiles and lamps. A really nice model that's detail that made drybrushing a snap.

I'm incredibly behind with painting all my other new figures/finishing the deck plans/Megashark.. But work and lovely girlfriend are not leaving me any time to play with toys at the moment. My new plan is lunch-hour painting... I guess we will see how that goes.


This is not actually the APC version of the vehicle, but the gun-carrier. Jon tells me it is a bit larger than the APC. It comes with 2 other weapon options but I preferred this set-up and glued it all together. If I was using this kit for competitive wargaming I'd probably have tried to mount the different turrets with magnets, but as I won't be, I preferred to glue it all together before painting.


  1. Looking great! I am off to Colours in the morning, all hyped up and ready to pick up a load of 15mm from GZG :)

  2. Great paint job!

    How big is it in comparison to some GZG infantry?

  3. I do a lot of work/lunch to get a squad(10-20 guys)6-8 paints, brushes all in a small box...just keep a coffemug for water and a pair of reading glasses and youre all set(privacy is a good idea)

  4. Thanks guys!

    Trojan-I will post a pic with some GZG troops next time I get a chance.