Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Scratch-Built 15mm Trees

I took a break from the deck plan this weekend and made some trees. I found a great article on Terragenesis.co.uk about making plants out of twist-ties. There's a lot of tutorials on there about how to make great looking terrain out of inexpensive materials.

I got a pack of 100 twist ties from the local shops, and set to work clipping them to length, then snipping in detail with scissors before twisting them together and bending to shape. Once I got the hang of it it was very easy and almost relaxing.

I stuck the finished trees into blobs of miliput and fixed some to my terrain squares, some to leftover 25mm bases. (I prefer trees you can move about in a forest section to fixing them down). At 15mm, the round based ones can also be used as they are for clumps of LOS-blocking vegetation. The rocks are cat litter.

They were simply painted with Knarloc Green foundation paint from GW, then washed with my Kleer recipe and dry-brushed for highlights.

(Figures are OUDF infantry by Ground Zero Games.)


  1. These look quite good! I'm gonna have to try this some time.

  2. Yes, these really do look the business! Hard to believe they were ever destined to tie-up plastic bags!