Friday, 9 July 2010

Hobby out of control!

So Today: I've been needing to order some more 20mm bases.. sells 80 for £3.50, which is the best price I know of.
UH OH.. Dropship Horizon just won't let me rest with the news updates.. has released a whole bunch of cheesy Squid-man aliens. They look fun and easy to paint. Excuse made! Purchased!
Khurasan's upcoming Lhurggs are also too good to miss. The big K just keeps pumping out increasingly incredible figures, and I'm doomed to another order very soon. 

They got me thinking of doing additional deck plans for  'Pointy aliens' (Kra'vak/Klingon types) and for 'Squidgy Aliens' (Octopods/Reptiles types) as well. Same basic layouts, just different art. Better finish the first lot I guess. ;)

I'm also going to be working on some art and playtesting for Inrepose's 15mm skirmish rules he's developing. His Blog is packed with really fantastic painting and terrain photos (even tutorial videos) so you should check it out if you haven't already.

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  1. My hobby has been out of control for years. Join the club! :)