Friday, 30 July 2010

Blue Moon Manufacturing Heavy Infantry

Here is the test-paint I did for my newly arrived models from the nice folks at Blue Moon Manufacturing.

Faced with the huge domed helmet, I went for a military style MaK inspired camo scheme. Below are the rest of the unit, at the base-coated camo and Devlan Mud wash stage. One remarkable thing about these figures is that there are no duplicates in the 10-man squad.. Each model is unique.
(I did cut up the Bipod that came with the heavy weapon, and used it to beef up the underside of the SAW pictured above.)
I'm enjoying taking my time and really working on the highlights for these figures. I tried out a technique using little white dots that Inrepose suggested in his latest painting guide.

I've got some Twanax from the same range on the go as well, and will have some pics up tomorrow I expect.


  1. Very well done. Any time Kow Yokoyama's Machinen Krieger can serve as inspiration is a good time. ;)
    How do these match up to GZG? Would love to see them beside the NI.


  2. I've just packed up my camera, but tomorrow I'll try to remember to do a comparison lineup of all my recent stuff.
    To my eye it all fits perfectly well together.. the only models I have which seem a bit off are some Rebel Minis Post-apoc survivors, who are a bit on the small side. This is a shame because they are really nice sculpts.