Saturday, 31 July 2010 Octopods

These models from are sculpted a little bit crudely compared to what I've been painting lately, but are full of character and very fast to paint. I decided on drab uniforms so they would fit into pulp or weird war games one day. These are very versatile figures in that way.
I have a command and heavy weapons pack still to go, and am now quite looking forward to finishing them off.

I've got some Shark-kind on the way from Khurasan and am torn between combining these forces into an aquatic army or doing a sea-life civil war.. No reason not to do both though I suppose. ;)


  1. These look great. They scream 'Cthulhu' to me though, except way out of scale (do they make 1mm humans?). Looking forwards to seeing HW and command!

  2. I rather like them in drab coveralls, nothing shouts "shoot at me" louder than bright orange military uniforms