Friday, 9 July 2010

15mm Spaceship Deck Plans

Today I tried making some modular deck plans for playing boarding actions with. This is a fairly big project, but still a lot easier than making 3d modular terrain.. Plus this will be something I can store in comfortably in a 20cmx20cm box. :)

This is the control room, which is 5x10 squares. All the other pieces are 5x5, inspired by the tiles on the Battlestations website, and the ideas Mel Ebbles came up with his for his long awaited Guncrawl 2.0.

If I make a deck of cards that match the rooms and corridors, I can do a WHQ/Guncrawl style games using CR which ought to be lots of fun.

For maximum scalability (and just as a fun challenge) I did my best to make every part of the image out of Vectors. The only parts that aren't vectors are the dirt layers, the checker-plate and the monitor details.

The dirt was painted onto a layer, and the screen images were game screenshots from google.
I did make the glowing control panels though.. Which were surprisingly easy. What this means is that the image can be scaled up (or down) with no loss of detail.

It was fairly time consuming, but because of the way I built the file, I will be able to make the rest of the ship pieces extremely quickly. I'm planning to mount the completed tiles on the back of self-adhesive Linoleum tiles. This will make them nice and weighty, non-slip, and mean I don't need to faff around with spray-glue. Well that's the plan anyway.

(If they come out nice enough I might try my hand at selling them as PDF's for people to print themselves. I will replace the monitor images with ones I make myself in this case.)


  1. If you sell them, I will buy them.


  2. Cheers guys. I did a test print and am encouraged. If I release this as a commercial set, it will be a bit more detailed that what you see here, and cost about $5 USD. It will have tons of 5x5 tiles and a variety of 5x10 objective rooms (Bridge, med lab, cargo bay etc.)
    I'm out of the house partying in the sun today, but Sunday's hangover should ensure I get through some more of this then ;)

  3. Very slick. Love the glow.

  4. I've done some variant Battlestation modules here if interested-

    Although not in the same style of course :)

  5. They are on hold for the moment as I've gone hex-crazy. They are also too much like my day job to have much enthusiasm to work on them in the evenings unfortunately. There have been several recent releases like the papermakeit product that are probably better for most people's purposes.

  6. I'm still interested if you get around to finishing them. Love the look you gave them. I bought some PaperMakeIt kits and yours would be an asset too. - Eric Burgess

  7. I noticed this page still gets a lot of hits.. The set is now available from RPGnow if you are interested!

  8. did you ever do anymore of the 5x10 tiles? would be interested in those as well.

  9. Any chance you might produce another set? Your teaser image above has chairs and a control console. I'd love to have those images to make some ship deck plans. Thanks!

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