Thursday, 24 June 2010


I have recently got back into the miniatures hobby after a very long time away.. At least 10 years I think.
I was primarily a 28mm/GW gamer/painter and spent countless enjoyable hours with my friends painting and playing games. This blog is about my return to the hobby in what I hope will be a limited and therefore more productive way. My main goal is just to relax painting cool models.

Why 15mm? Because there has been a sudden explosion of ranges from various manufacturers in the last year, of tremendous quality. Price-wise, they are cheaper than the paints I'm using and are exremely good value for money. More importantly, they are much easier to store.. And of course this means that scenery is easier to build and store, and doesn't require a huge play area.

I thought I'd share my experiences of dusting off my ancient painting skills and seeing how they translated to 15mm figures.

Hope you enjoy it!

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