Sunday, 27 June 2010

Tutorial: UNSC Light Infantry

 This is how I painted my GZG UNSC Light infantry. I have listed the exact colours I used, which are GW paints and some Vallejo Model colour.

1. Superglue the figure to the base, fill gaps with putty, cover base with PVA glue, dip in sand and allow to dry. The paint a layer of diluted PVA on top of the sand to seal it.
Undercoat with black spray primer. I used a can of the GW stuff.

2. drybrush with VMC Panzer series Middlestone.
Make sure you leave plenty of black in the crevices. These figures have a lot of folds and small detail that will work well if they stay dark. Hand paint in any areas that look blotchy on the top surfaces.
Then paint in the gun (GW Adeptus Battle grey) and knee/shouderpads/pouches with GW Catachan green.

3. Wash the main body with GW Devlan Mud, and the gun with GW Badab Black.

4. When dry, paint in a highlight of the original base colour on all areas. If you keep the paint quite thin it won't matter if you get a bit messy, as the thinner paint will allow the deep shadow to show through.

5. Paint the visor black and do a second round of touching up the highlights with the base colours again. If you used thin paint it will probably dry a little darker than you want, so a a little extra will lighten it up.

6. Paint in highlights using VMC Panzer series Middlestone mixed with some GW Skull white. They can be very small, but will give extra dimension to the figure.
Highlight all the green bits with a 50/50 mix of Catachan Green and VMC Lime Green.
Paint the base with GW Calthan Brown.
Blend the visor from red through orange to a tiny yellow highlight at the bottom. It can be a fairly harsh blend as long as you keep the lines thin and tidy.

7. Wash the base with black or dark brown. Tidy up highlights on the gun.
I had blended the orange up too far on the visor, so I just painted in a dark shadow on top before painting in a tiny white dot at the top. When I did the rest of the squad I found it easier to do it this way than the "proper" blending I did on the earlier batch.

8. Drybrush the base with VMC Light brown and then GW Iyanden Darksun.
Paint some PVA on the worst looking bits of the base and then sprinkle on static grass.
Paint a layer of Future Floor Wax/Kleer on the visor. Or use Glossy Varnish. This helps smooth it out as well as make it look shiny. You will need to do this again if you Matt-varnish the model.. Which I always do.



  1. Very nice work. Can I ask - Did you use the Old Crow resin bases? Thanks.

  2. Thanks! No, these are plain old plastic 20mm bases from em-4 miniatures, with sand glued on and drybrushed, and static grass on top of that.

    I think I'll do a basing tutorial soon.. They get more attention than the figures ;)

  3. Thanks, I will share some details on the Old Crow ones with you, they look yours (with about the same lip) except they have an inset region which takes the GZG round metal figure base. So they sit lower and fit very snuggly. I will grab some photos and blog them.

  4. That would be great. The GZG bases are pretty flat, but some of my figures from other manufacturers are quite thick on the base. The Blue Moon Galactic war line looks amazing, but has quite thick basing from what I can gather.. This would fix the problem immediately, and doom me to a huge order :/