Friday, 25 June 2010

Photography thoughts

So far I've been taking photos using my iPhone 3Gs. This wasn't my first choice, I tried using the macro function on my exilim digital camera, but it didnt macro very much and then promptly ran out of batteries.
The iPhone 3gs has a pretty good autofocus, although it seems to be good at taking enormous but slightly grainy pictures. I think this is from me holding it in my hand instead of using a tripod.. Or it might just be that it's a sh*tty camera phone and not suited to taking photos of tiny little models. It's extremely easy to get the photos onto my computer or iPad though compared to faffing around with an SD card with the camera.
I ordered a gorillapod flexible tripod from Amazon.. Then realized I could probably build a decent stand out of Lego for what I intend to use it for. Doesn't matter, I'll see how I go with a simple Lego cradle.

I have a hunch (could be totally wrong) that the iPhone software is doing some kind of face recognition as well. It hunts aorund quite a bit when first pointed at a group of models. I may have better results if I start photographing them in single rows instead of clumps.

Oh well, end of Friday.. I'm off to the beach for a drink.

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