Monday, 28 June 2010

Kra'vak Powered Armour

These guys were a breeze to paint. Sticking with the Denheb Stone/orange details paint scheme to tie them to the other Kra'vak made this simple. The models took the wash very well and I only had to highlight the large round areas to get a good look. For variety, I snipped off the missile pod from one of the models and fixed on a Garn heavy weapon with a blob of greenstuff and some superglue. I'm treating it as a minigun.
The eyes were very difficult, but they came out ok, and I'm glad I made the effort now, as they are quite visible in the photos.

(Speaking of which, these were the first pictures I've taken in daylight in my front room. They are so much better that I will refrain from night time lamp-lit photography from now on.)

All my Kra'vak hang nicely together and are unmistakable at distance from the rest of my collection, which is a win.

Next: I think it's time to take a break from figures for a while and start showing how I'm doing terrain.


  1. Darth - You liked these so much you commented twice! Very nice force though. Very nice force though! :)