Thursday, 30 December 2010

Gut Check! 1.1 Uploaded

Click Here or hit the button on the top of the page to get to the latest version of the rules I'm working on. I made a pass over the document and stripped out some redundant terms, cleaned up the layout and generally made it easier to understand.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Enemy Tactics Rules for Gut Check! available

Just a quick note.. I finished the draft of the Enemy Tactics rules and linked to them from the Gut Check! page. They are determined by rolling a variable handful of dice at the start of the enemy turn and looking up a result on a chart.

Solo Rules Progress

8 large sections assembled into a mini-game table.
After a lot of painting (Calthan Brown, homebrew future polish wash, 2 stage drybrush) I finished painting enough of my heroscape large board sections to build a small game board.

I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out. It's durable, easy to store, modular.. Very nice.
So with no more excuses, I decided to test play the 1.0 version of my solo rules, tentatively called "Gut Check!" The document is far from complete and is written for myself to understand at the moment.  The simplest description of the rules is "Chain Reaction meets FUBAR". Some CR concepts are used, there are some completely different ideas replacing the bits I found troublesome, and the FUBAR ideology of simple, clean procedures using a single d6 roll for most activities. Important to mention is that you only ever roll 1d6 with modifiers, where higher results are better. I think this is pretty important for a solo game, where I want to have as few things to remember as possible.

This was mostly a basic combat mechanics dry run.. The rules for driving the enemy models are much less developed, but I was hoping to get some insight from playing.

I pit 5 UNSC troopers against 5 Octopods.

UNSC Squad, including 1 model with Leader ability.
Guts 3+
Shoot 3+
Fight 4+
Armor 1
4xAssault rifle- Range 3/8 Fire Factor 3/2 Kill Factor +1
5xGrenades- Range 3 Fire Factor 2 Blast
1x SAW- Range 6/10 Fire Factor 4 Kill factor +2

Octopod Squad, including 1 model with Leader ability.
Guts 4+
Shoot 4+
Fight 3+
Armor 1
2x Carbine- Range 6, Fire Factor 2
2x SAW- Range 6/10 Fire Factor 4 Kill factor +2
1x Cleaver- Range Assault, Kill factor +1

I set up a bunch of terrain, placed the forces in opposite corners and started playing. It's amusing how quickly your assumptions are challenged once you begin using something for real. The very first thing I discovered was that having the average trooper activating on a 4+ made for some pretty awkward turns. I quickly added a +1 to activation for troops adjacent to a leader model and began again.

This worked a lot better. It instantly created some good player choices about which activations to attempt first and how bunched up the team should stay.

The relatively high activations (2+ for the UNSC) meant that in the first turn they all activated and moved much as in an IGO-UGO game, but once the lasers started flying the turn order became much more chaotic as Shock markers and troops away from the leader mixed it up.
The Octopod's two SAWs ended up making a big difference.. More so than the relative stats. I made a lot of changes to the way I was handling terrain as a result. I also came up with a suppressive fire rule that I will trial in the next session. On the other hand, rushing a position where there are two SAWs had a fairly realistic outcome.. The UNSC got shot to bits.

I'm happy with the way shooting and damage works. I had a system in mind for rolling dice to determine enemy actions, but I think the game already has pretty intensive dice rolling and I want to come up with a more elegant (ie: easier to remember) system. At the moment I'm thinking about a card deck with enemy behaviors that you draw from each turn.. Possibly with outcome determined by a either a single Gut Check roll by the enemy leader, or by totaling up the number of shock markers on the enemy force.

If you are interested, please download the current version of the rules in PDF form from the Gut Check! page on this blog.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Garn Flesheater

Jon from Khurasan sent me some top-secret very exciting new models. I can't spill any details, but they are pretty special and will hopefully be revealed soon. Knowing what a Garn freak I am, he very kindly sent along the new Flesheaters set too. I had some time today so I painted one of them up as nicely as I could.

Left view

Rear view
Right view
Size comparison to GZG Human..
 This is about the level to which I can paint a 15mm figure before the point of diminishing returns, where the work is no longer visible in anything but a macro photo. I hope you like him, he was great fun to paint.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

WIP GW Resin Hex ruins and a Kark

First of all, here is a test-paint I did of a Khurasan miniatures Karkarine.

 He's painted mostly in GW Shadow Grey. I like these figures a lot and wanted to get one done.. But I think the rest of the squad will have to wait for the rest of the Luhrgg to be finished before I get to them.

I've used him for scale in these WIP shots of GW resin barricades (packet of 6 costing £12) being used as 15mm ruins on hex-bases for my heroscape terrain. The ruins scale quite well especially with the addition of some GZG crates.

They still need some extra color in the form of rust, brown dirt and grass.. But I thought I'd put up some photos anyway.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Custom Hex Terrain

Ive just had my first go at repainting Heroscape hex tiles and making some terrain to fit them.
I painted them with GW Calthan brown, washed with a future-wax and tobacco ink mix, drybrushed with Vallejo light brown, sealed with matt varnish. They are a little bit chalky and I think some of the paint will come off with repeated use.. But the plastic underneath is almost the same color so it shouldn't be a big problem. (I had to use my iPhone to take the photos, so excuse the slightly wonky colours.)

Basic Heroscape tiles repainted. Rebel Minis Titan Marines for scale.

I glued some of my twist-tie trees to plastic sheet cut into hexes to use as foliage/light cover hexes. I'm not 100% satisfied with these.. The twist tie trees shed paint if bent at all and I want to try something more durable. In the short term they look fine though.

Hand made plants on foliage sections

 Next, I cut some larger hexes and carved into the edges to make some urban rubble/hard cover hexes. This was a lot of fun. I used some bits from GZG and Platformer to add interest.

I'm especially pleased with how the rust turned out. It reminds me a bit of Killzone 2 on the PS3. I tried painting each of these terrain pieces with the care I'd spend on a character model. I think it's worth it.

Here are all the bits arranged together. I really like how easy and quickly an interesting and attractive game board can be put together with just these few pieces.

All together with Titan Marines for scale.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Special Forces by The Scene

Get to the choppah!

These arrived in the mail this morning and I had to post a picture of them. They are 15mm "US Special forces" figures that closely resemble Dutch, Billy, Blaine, Paco and co. from the moofie about the hunter from space. The characterization and sculpting is just outstanding.. And all for the incredible bargain price of £2.60 for the pack.

They are on the large side of 15-18mm, like other figures Ive bought from The Scene. (In fact I've bought all the figures they have made so far and have been pleasantly surprised each time.)

I'm not going to get distracted by painting them yet as I want to concentrate on a first draft of my solo rules and Hex terrain. When I do though, I'm going to go for 'moofie canon' look as much as possible.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Khurasan Lhurgg

These models are available now from the very fine folks at Khurasan

On the weekend I made my return to the painting table. I got stuck into the Lhurgg that have been patiently waiting all based up since October. These are lovely models with tons of character and are so detailed that I almost wished I'd eased back into painting with something easier. They were a lot of fun though and I'm looking forward to finishing the rest.

The colour scheme was originally going to be Hyena-like, but I decided at the last minute that dark muzzles would not be a good use of the face detail, and that the models had hooves, which wasn't very Hyena-ish. There are a few tiny fixups I need to make, like the feathers on the armbands (not visible in photo) but it's about time I uploaded some actual content on this blog so here they are.

Base colour:Army Painter leather spray, washed with Devlan mud and highlighted with Foundation Iyanden Darksun.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Solo Rules

I recently discovered the FUBAR ruleset and had a look at what people were doing with it on the Yahoo group. I was really impressed with Craig Cartmell's idea of writing a free, flexible, one page set of rules. Brilliant!

As the various contributors to the Yahoo group demonstrate, the first thing a nerd wants to do with these rules is to mod them to suit their own taste. This got me thinking about finally writing down my own set of rules specifically for solo gaming.

I'd come up with various ways to solo existing 2 players games but I think the solo game is a different design challenge to the 2-player game. I don't think "Bolt ons" are a good solution.

Having made several false starts on this in the past, I made a more determined attempt to settle on what the rules were setting out to achieve before I began. This helps stop sidetracking or giving up based on tangential ideas. Firstly, these rules were going to be for me and my requirements which are as follows:

  • Skirmish level. A game of shootouts, not wars.
  • Should have fast but enjoyable rules for customizing forces.
  • Needs to be playable in a very small area (half the reason I started into 15mm at all).
  • Needs to have as little book keeping as possible- Preferably none.
  • Should have all information needed to play either on QRS cards or counters.
  • As a solo game, should provide moments of suspense and surprise..The game should be unpredictable.
  • Be easy to wrap up into short sessions.

The last game I played was the one I posted here a few months ago, using CR. There are a lot of things I love about CR: Single stat characters! Simple but open ended task resolution! Narrative campaigning! Unpredictable turn sequence!

...But also a lot of things I don't like or require too much referring to a chart during play. Overall, I think the concepts in the THW rules are absolutely revolutionary.. But the rules themselves make them hard to use. In short, I have to work too hard to play this great game.

What I have so far is in brief:
"A points-free, hex based FUBAR with an enemy reaction system, player special abilities, action point gambling all using sigle D6 rolls."
As always, more later.. Presuming I don't get sidetracked one again, which is pretty much an even bet.

Monday, 6 December 2010

New Terrain Project

It's been months since my last post, but what can I say.. There are time that toy soldiers just aren't my first priority. Ive still been too busy with other things to paint anything, but in the back of my mind Ive been thinking about a lot of stuff.. Lets talk about terrain first of all.

I had been going over the pros and cons of various terrain solutions and eventually realized I had something that ticked all my boxes sitting right in front of me.. Heroscape hexes.

I thin i paid about £30 for my Heroscape master set. I had one a few years ago and enjoyed playing it with work friends, but my new set has gathered dust and I was meaning to ebay it. But wait! What if I used the hexes for playing 15mm games? Here are some good reasons why I decided to switch to this (for the time being anyway)
  • Inexpensive. One master set is plenty for the small 10-20 models a side games I like.
  • Stacks and stores in a small box very well 
  • Well sized for 15mm action
  • Very Flexible layout options
  • Will look very nice painted

I plan to do some very minimal texturing on the hexes and then spray them brown, wash and drybrush. Sourcing the right shade of spray paint will be the only challenge here. Once I get going, I think this is going to be a really nice looking set of gaming terrain.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Garn Alligator and Crocodile class Vehicles!

Models by Khurasan, Crew paint and photography Steve Dean, vehicles painted by me.

Still no hobby time for the moment, but today some exciting news!
A while ago, Jon from Khurasan asked if I would like to paint some top-secret new Garn vehicles he was about to release. The Garn are my favorite 15mm range so I was very excited to see the new models and extremely honoured to be asked to paint them. I was actually working on these around the time the Mega-Shark model was being blogged about and was the last major bit of painting I got done in recent times.. But was sworn to secrecy so kept a lid on it. The very talented Steve Dean painted the crew and took the photos, which have come out really nice.

CLICK HERE to see Jon's press-release and more photos on

When I get some time I will write a little bit about how I went about painting these resin kits. In short though, good prep pays off big time, and I miss my airbrush. ;)

I have a whole bunch of other 15mm Khurasan goodness all based and ready to paint, but still too busy to get to them unfortunately. Wish me luck!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Khurasan Hybrid Gun Carrier

Jon at Khurasan very kindly sent me this Resin APC/Gun carrier with my last order, so when I got an hour or two this week I worked on painting it.

I was interested in trying to weather a 15mm kit like a larger tank model.. I don't like 'pristine' looking vehicles! This was actually very straightforward to paint and probably took no more than 1 hour in total.

Black undercoat, dark Grey liberal drybrush, touch-ups in same Grey. Drybrush with light grey. Drybrush around lower half with light brown then buff (VERY lightly) then picked out details like missiles and lamps. A really nice model that's detail that made drybrushing a snap.

I'm incredibly behind with painting all my other new figures/finishing the deck plans/Megashark.. But work and lovely girlfriend are not leaving me any time to play with toys at the moment. My new plan is lunch-hour painting... I guess we will see how that goes.


This is not actually the APC version of the vehicle, but the gun-carrier. Jon tells me it is a bit larger than the APC. It comes with 2 other weapon options but I preferred this set-up and glued it all together. If I was using this kit for competitive wargaming I'd probably have tried to mount the different turrets with magnets, but as I won't be, I preferred to glue it all together before painting.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

not-much-workbench update

I've been too busy with a new job and partying to get near my miniatures in the last week, but I did a little prep work and got some things ready for paint.. Here is a photo of all the goodies waiting to start.
Karks, Lhurrg, a gun-carriage and some overlords.. Not to mention my Mega Shark, who is all ready for undercoating.
Also in the mail this week: My dice for Ambush Alley, and an infuriating post notification that my AE Bounty rules are here, but at the local depot.. Which shuts at 1:30pm.

Good times ahead if I get a moment to myself anytime soon!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Monsterpocalypse Conversion: Sculpting Claws

I got myself a shark monster from Ebay to go with my (still in transit) Karks. The firest thing I noticed was that the newer Monpoc figures are painted a lot worse than the earlier ones I bought.
The more I looked at the hands on this guy though, the less I liked them.
I decided to try sculpting my own claws to replace the ones on the model. The paint was so thick I decided not to try over-painting or stripping the model and just went straight to the "Ultra" form that it comes with.. Which is the same model without the paint.

The first thing I did was cut off the offending long claws and webbing. After a bit of carving the plastic, I drilled and inserted pins into the stumps to give the greenstuff something to hold onto. I got a pin-vise from the local hardware store for about £3 (a reminder of how crazily overpriced GW tools are) and used paperclip for the pins.

At first I tried pushing a blob of putty onto the wire then shaping it into a claw.
This was very difficult to do because of the elastic nature of the putty. when I'd done 4 claws I suddenly realized that it would be easier to shape the claws independently, and then cut off the excess before drilling and pinning.

The "middle finger" claw is the one I made as decribed above.
In the light of day, I think my mistake was trying to sculpt the claws in one hit. I could have got a better result by roughly sculpting "cores" to each claw, then when it had hardened adding more putty for the final shape.

More next post!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ambush Alley Rules

The Ambush Alley rules were suggested to me by the TMP crowd, more specifically "Tomorrow's War" which is their ruleset adapted to Sci-fi. Sadly, these rules are not yet available.. Which makes it hard for me to buy them.

So I went and downloaded the quickstart version of Ambush Alley to see what the mechanics were like. The game is designed for small numbers of figures on a small table and has really nice and quite simple mechanics. It is clearly written and easy to grasp.. In fact I think it's one of the least confusing rule books I have ever read. In short, they seem to be great!
They seem so great that I was tempted to just get Force on Force (Their more recent set) and mod it to my own liking. I'm holding off and hoping TW just doesn't take too long.. If TW was available to buy today, I'd buy it without hesitation.

I will try to play the introductory AA scenario one night this week with my sci-fi figures and see how it goes.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Monsterpocalypse Repaint

Behold the Megapod! Giant war-beast from the Monsterpocalypse game, repainted for my octopod forces from
Before painting the transparent yellow plastic model, I carved out the submarine in his tentacle then undercoated with Army Painter spray.  I painted this model more like a traditional miniature so was an interesting break from 15mm.. I started getting quite obsessive about refining wet-blending on all the large smooth surfaces. But in the end it was just taking too long so I stopped it here as I wasn't really enjoying it. I didn't have a base big enough for this guy, but have ordered some 50mm round ones to do the job. When based he will look even bigger.
I think the quality level is ok for the moment.. Maybe when I do the base I'll throw on a couple more highlights.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

CMG Alien Mercenaries and more Octopods

I bought these quite a while back from Critical Mass Games but had neglected to paint them. They are brilliant figures, but seem quite small and thin compared to the rest of my collection.
AE Bounty being released got me thinking about these guys again, so I painted them as a break from doing hordes of drab Octopods.

It was fun doing 5 completely different colour schemes instead of uniforms, and I tried to make them very bright so as to stand out from the more military models I have. The colours on the guy second on the left was inspired by Bossk the Trandoshan bounty hunter from The Empire Strikes Back, then I just tried to make the others different to him.

While on the small side, the detail on these figures is amazing. I almost lost my mind trying to paint the eyeballs on the blue guy.. I have no idea how somebody sculpted them. My personal preference is for much more exaggerated chunky detail on figures this small, as I feel like tiny detail is lost. Also it's a bastard to paint.

Also finished (But not all pictured here, as I skipped the duplicates) are my Octopod Heavy weapons and command models. I have ended up with a lot of affection for these troops. They are simultaneously Totally Evil/Goofy as Hell.

I think tonight I will begin the Giant Octopus support beast.. And further negelect the Spaceship Deck Plans. They are very close to being finished (95% I rekon), but are are quite stressful to do after a day  working in front of the computer. Maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, 31 July 2010 Octopods

These models from are sculpted a little bit crudely compared to what I've been painting lately, but are full of character and very fast to paint. I decided on drab uniforms so they would fit into pulp or weird war games one day. These are very versatile figures in that way.
I have a command and heavy weapons pack still to go, and am now quite looking forward to finishing them off.

I've got some Shark-kind on the way from Khurasan and am torn between combining these forces into an aquatic army or doing a sea-life civil war.. No reason not to do both though I suppose. ;)

Blue Moon Manufacturing Orion Republic Heavy Infantry: Squad complete.

The finished squad. I really enjoyed doing these, even though the camo meant about double the work. I'm going to have to either figure out a great way to do powered armour rules in CR, or perhaps use a different set.

Blue Moon Twanax Horde

I was considering doing these with white fur and blue skin, but changed my mind at the last minute. I'm glad I did, because these models look great, but have some pretty confusing detail on the claws, which I don't think would have worked as well without the deep shadowing. They will make great space-monsters or werewolf-alien proxies.
These guys are pretty big, as seen in the comparison photo below.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Blue Moon Manufacturing Heavy Infantry

Here is the test-paint I did for my newly arrived models from the nice folks at Blue Moon Manufacturing.

Faced with the huge domed helmet, I went for a military style MaK inspired camo scheme. Below are the rest of the unit, at the base-coated camo and Devlan Mud wash stage. One remarkable thing about these figures is that there are no duplicates in the 10-man squad.. Each model is unique.
(I did cut up the Bipod that came with the heavy weapon, and used it to beef up the underside of the SAW pictured above.)
I'm enjoying taking my time and really working on the highlights for these figures. I tried out a technique using little white dots that Inrepose suggested in his latest painting guide.

I've got some Twanax from the same range on the go as well, and will have some pics up tomorrow I expect.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Forest Sections And Update

After quite a break from hobbying, I managed to get some time to base and undercoat some Octopods. While doing this I decided to pull apart the square forest sections I'd made and replace them with "classic" organic shaped ones.

I used some thin plasticard to make the new bases, and just cut them out with scissors. I then glued on a slab of perspex to the middle to keep them stiff, and puttied in the little step this created.

A quick black undercoat and they were ready to paint and attach the twist-tie trees I made earlier.

They look a lot better on the table than before. I think I may still sand/flock the edges of the 25mm bases on the loose trees to help blend them in.

This method of making forest sections is a good compromise between permanently fixed and re-positionable ways of building them and allows a great deal of flexibility. I'll use these in my next game for sure and see how they affect play.

Update on other things in the works:
I'm still working on the spaceship modular deck plans and have gotten quite distracted starting to write rules specific to them (without really meaning to) but they are not far off.

I'm expecting a bunch of Blue Moon manufacturing figures in the post, and am making another Khurasan order tonight. I am getting close to having too many figures now.. 

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Quiet week

I've had a lot of real-world work on this week and haven't had any hobby time. Later on though, I hope to get stuck into the deck plans, cards for Inrepose's game "Gruntz", some non-square forest sections, and even some miniatures ;) I got my big bag of bases and Octopoda so there will probably be some of those done soon.. Plus some conversions.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Painted for unpainted swaps!

Check out my swap page for the painted models I am willing to trade for new UNPAINTED figures. Not bad eh?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

I just remembered this incredibly silly movie  and found a reason to buy Khurasan's Karkarines.. So I can pit them against's Octopods!!!
The Octopods will have one of THESE...

A while ago I bought a bunch of Monsterpocalypse models via eBay. The intention was to use them for Ganesha Games' upcoming ruleset. As that isn't published yet, I think I'll paint some of them as 15mm super-monsters (Tank proxies?).
The nice thing about MonPoc figures (if you don't want to use them for the actual game) is that when you buy them you get 1 Normal and one "Ultra" form in transparent plastic. Which translates as 2 for 1 to me, so I'll still have a spare for when the Ganesha Kaiju game is released. Excellent!
As a side note, the out -of-box paint jobs on these things are really good. They have made clever use of airbrushing and glazes to get some really respectable effects.

I don't know if there's a MonPoc Shark creature, if not then I'll have to do some converting...


Yes, there is a Shark monster. I bought it. Ebay, you bastard.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Scratch-Built 15mm Trees

I took a break from the deck plan this weekend and made some trees. I found a great article on about making plants out of twist-ties. There's a lot of tutorials on there about how to make great looking terrain out of inexpensive materials.

I got a pack of 100 twist ties from the local shops, and set to work clipping them to length, then snipping in detail with scissors before twisting them together and bending to shape. Once I got the hang of it it was very easy and almost relaxing.

I stuck the finished trees into blobs of miliput and fixed some to my terrain squares, some to leftover 25mm bases. (I prefer trees you can move about in a forest section to fixing them down). At 15mm, the round based ones can also be used as they are for clumps of LOS-blocking vegetation. The rocks are cat litter.

They were simply painted with Knarloc Green foundation paint from GW, then washed with my Kleer recipe and dry-brushed for highlights.

(Figures are OUDF infantry by Ground Zero Games.)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Final 15mm Paper Door

I adjusted the lighting on the frame side panels, shifted the bits a little to allow for the paper thickness and shifted the control panel to the side to double as a support tab. This has made the model more solid as the door is now fixed from all 4 sides.  A quick bit of sharpie work backed in the frame interiors nicely. Some of it blurred through to the other side.. Just looks like grime though, so I'm not bothered by it.
Quite by accident, all the surfaces requiring glue ended up on the same side. Once cut and scored, you could spray-adhesive the glue on in one hit.
I'm pleased with the final result. Not bad for a first foray into paper modeling.

New 15mm Door Design

OK, this door design is the winner.
It's much easier to cut and build than my earlier attempts, as seen in the first photo. It's also got far less exposed glue edge than the previous ones.

I printed this one on matt photo paper. The height of the door frame needs a tiny adjustment to allow for the thickness.

The saving in assembly effort makes it worth not having door frame interior detail.

15mm Paper Doors

Last night I tried making some print and stick paper doorways for my deck plans. The goal was to make single-piece models that were easy to make. It didn't go especially well.

The first prototype's door was too fiddly and the slot ruined the structural integrity. It also took ages to cut and assemble. It looked OK, but was too flimsy and annoying for my tastes.
The second one solved the flimsiness problem, but was still kind of irritating to assemble, and didn't look as much like a door as the first one.

I think what I will actually end up doing for my own games is make a custom order to Jim at Litko and use something like this:

They are going to need a thick base to look good with my minis, and this product (if they can do square bases) solves the problem neatly.

I will work on a 3rd paper design today though, as if I sell the deckplans I'd wan it to be a complete paper terrain solution. I think if I do a single-thickness 2.5d doorframe and an integral door, a lot of the fiddlyness will go.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Hobby out of control!

So Today: I've been needing to order some more 20mm bases.. sells 80 for £3.50, which is the best price I know of.
UH OH.. Dropship Horizon just won't let me rest with the news updates.. has released a whole bunch of cheesy Squid-man aliens. They look fun and easy to paint. Excuse made! Purchased!
Khurasan's upcoming Lhurggs are also too good to miss. The big K just keeps pumping out increasingly incredible figures, and I'm doomed to another order very soon. 

They got me thinking of doing additional deck plans for  'Pointy aliens' (Kra'vak/Klingon types) and for 'Squidgy Aliens' (Octopods/Reptiles types) as well. Same basic layouts, just different art. Better finish the first lot I guess. ;)

I'm also going to be working on some art and playtesting for Inrepose's 15mm skirmish rules he's developing. His Blog is packed with really fantastic painting and terrain photos (even tutorial videos) so you should check it out if you haven't already.

15mm Spaceship Deck Plans

Today I tried making some modular deck plans for playing boarding actions with. This is a fairly big project, but still a lot easier than making 3d modular terrain.. Plus this will be something I can store in comfortably in a 20cmx20cm box. :)

This is the control room, which is 5x10 squares. All the other pieces are 5x5, inspired by the tiles on the Battlestations website, and the ideas Mel Ebbles came up with his for his long awaited Guncrawl 2.0.

If I make a deck of cards that match the rooms and corridors, I can do a WHQ/Guncrawl style games using CR which ought to be lots of fun.

For maximum scalability (and just as a fun challenge) I did my best to make every part of the image out of Vectors. The only parts that aren't vectors are the dirt layers, the checker-plate and the monitor details.

The dirt was painted onto a layer, and the screen images were game screenshots from google.
I did make the glowing control panels though.. Which were surprisingly easy. What this means is that the image can be scaled up (or down) with no loss of detail.

It was fairly time consuming, but because of the way I built the file, I will be able to make the rest of the ship pieces extremely quickly. I'm planning to mount the completed tiles on the back of self-adhesive Linoleum tiles. This will make them nice and weighty, non-slip, and mean I don't need to faff around with spray-glue. Well that's the plan anyway.

(If they come out nice enough I might try my hand at selling them as PDF's for people to print themselves. I will replace the monitor images with ones I make myself in this case.)