Tomorrow's War Strike Force Entry

This page is a gallery of completed 15mm scale figures and models from Art Crime Productions that I  entered in the Tomorrow's War Strike force Competition in 2012. 

Art Crime is part of the "New Wave" of 15mm figure ranges and is making some truly superb miniatures using modern CAD techniques, and I am very proud to have them as a sponsor for this competition.
The figures are painted with Citadel and Vallejo paints and mounted on 20mm plastic slottta bases.

The 39th Gemini Orbital Rangers (Or "Gorillas") are a veteran urban combat unit. Months in the field on the harsh surface of Planet Brighton-5 have whittled down the original drop platoon to an ad-hoc mixed squad. Their tactics revolve around the use of mechanized suits. The "Gorillas" eschew the use of vehicles, finding them too cumbersome and vulnerable in the hellish labyrinths they are accustomed to fighting in.

Cut off from the main Ranger formation, the Gorillas have been forced to scrounge much of their equipment, leading to an unusual mix of weapons and armor.

The 39th Gemini Orbital Rangers 

1. (L to R) Burner, Tactical and Anti-Tank Suits
2.Alpha Squad- Close Support
3.Bravo Squad- Fire Support

4.Charlie Squad- Anti-material detail
5.Captured Recon Bike


  1. Excellent! As always.
    May we hope for some tutorial?

  2. Thanks Umpapa, that's a good idea. I will make a tutorial for the Grenadier or sniper model.

  3. Sniper, yes please! I cant decide if i want to do this on my next lot of figures, but you can always learn from a tutorial (particularly if you do as little painting as i get to do!)

  4. Very nice, Jacker! The background scenery looks like a great place for the troops to "work-out" any tensions and anger. Keep it up.

  5. man you do such great work i would love for you to paint some of my models. if interested let me know.

  6. Great work SJ. The reflected light is especially effective.

  7. Those...are...awesome! Frankly, when I saw the pre-painted figures, I was not overly impressed by them, but you have really transformed them into something special. I hope you win.


  8. How much longer is the competition on for?

  9. Thanks everyone, it's been quite a challenge trying some new techniques, and having a competition goal.

    Greg- It closes on the 15th January 2012.

  10. OMG, mate, you have a real winner here, lovely little force, that heavy gunner in the fire support team is incredible, to be honest I haven't bought anything from this line because I thought they looked a little stiff and lifeless unpainted, maybe due to their origins being computer generated, but you have got me re thinking, great job.

  11. Any chance you could share the colors you used to create the green armor? I love that shade.

    1. Basecoat to highlight:

      Black undercoat, Vallejo Gunship green, citadel badab black wash, citadel knarloc green/gunship green mix, knarloc green, knarloc green/gretchin green, gretchin green.


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  13. I never commented on these?