Gut Check! Rules

A solo game I wrote trying to make a simplified reaction system. I think I tried to do too much with these rules (especially the solo part) and have learned a lot as a result. The rules as they stand work, but lack proper force/unit building and extra scenarios. I'm currently taking what I learned and applying it to a fast-play set of rules I'm focussed on now called "Throwdown" which will be hosted on this blog also.

Click here to download the Gut Check! v1.7 rules

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  • Designed from the ground up for solo play
  • Can also be played as a standard battle game against another person with no changes to systems, just don't use the automated enemy!
  • Fast playing and zero bookkeeping
  • Uses normal 6 sided dice (Usually rolled no more than 2 at a time)
  • Uses activation rolls modified by battlefield conditions for turn sequence
  • Seamless Over watch and suppression effects built into system
  • Use any miniatures
Important note: The game has been designed to be played in 15mm on a hex grid, however the term "hex" can be easily changed to the term "sector" to play in other popular formats:
Free movement: Interpret 1 Hex as 40mm and do your best to determine fire arc. Try ruling that everything behind a horizontal straight line drawn along the back of a figure's base is out of LOS.
Square grid: Either interpret 1 Hex as two 20mm squares, or if using 30mm/larger squares, no change although you will be able to fit less models in the same sector. Firing arcs should be able to see everything to the front and side of the shooter's square but not in or beyond the 3 horizontal squares behind the shooter.

Quick Reference Charts
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  1. love this idea....gonna give it a try. :D

  2. It looks like very interesting, but, where are the rules for creating troops?

  3. Sorry Slorm, I haven't worked on these for a while. The troop formula wasn't especially good so I didn't post it.
    This system worked quite well, but is still a bit fiddly. I have been distracted by other ideas which are all more simple.

  4. Hi there!! I just discovered your blog, amazing man!! I also have to play solo, and just started 15mm moderns (28mm was giving space problems). I use FUBAR rules, but with more background for forces (making Insurgents an Spetnaz forces BG like weapons, tanks etc), but I love the idea of reacting (because you always prefer one side). So ill be following your blog man!! Love it!! Cheers for you !!

  5. Hello Spacejacker,
    Love your stuff.
    Have you finished these rules?