Gunstorm Rules System

This page is where I will be uploading new versions of the rules for Gunstorm, my free solo engine for 15mm miniature shootouts.

Why "shootouts"? Because my preferred game size is a step below what most people consider a skirmish level game. Gunstorm is designed to be played on a 2x2 foot surface with 15mm miniatures and model scenery.
It is a cinematic game, not intended to be a simulation of anything but a thrilling adventure movie.

Use the following links to download the various documents:

Combat Rules Beta v1.1
(In standard PDF at the moment, I will release either a pocketmod version or pocketmod QRS once they are final)

Interim Crew Builder
(This will be entirely replaced eventually, but for the moment will allow you to stat up figures of your choice and try out the combat rules.)
A self contained crew building system requiring only a set of printed-out cards is coming very soon, I have the layout finished and just need to do some work on stats and stunts. When complete, it will allow you to select a crew by simply choosing a template card and a few stunts.


  1. Thanks for these, I think I'm going to give them a whirl tomorrow :)!

    1. You are welcome Mike!

      JOhn has been doing some playesting here that you might find interesting:

  2. Awesome - im always on the lookout for new solo rules. Ill DL now!

    1. Cheers Raptor, I'm always trying to think them up ;)

  3. Played these and had to flip around a little bit when the phase descriptions referred me to page 6, when the fortune phase description is on page 4 (there is no page six). This baffled me for much longer than it should have.

    Very slick rules overall, other than that. Working on a little review on my blog right now.

  4. Wonderful news! Sorry about the confusion, it's not exactly proof-read and formatting for pocketmod was probably not a smart way to begin the rules process.

    I need to devote some more time to this, it's been an unfortunately Hobby-sparse month :(

    Thank you for the encouragement, it's very nice to hear someone enjoying the rules!

  5. Played Gunstorm yesterday, it was fun experience. There is battle report on my blog, so far just a text, but I will add photos tonight.
    If you want to check it, it is here:

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