Monday, 6 August 2012


That's a big platter of Alien
Not much of a post, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging NOW THAT MY STUFF HAS ARRIVED! I have my paint station set up opposite my computer desk and music gear in my very own hobby room. I'm very lucky and also looking forward to getting all the boxes cleared away. My balcony looks like the spaceport from the 5th Element.

Contrary to any blog evidence, I've been quite busy in the last few days.. But drat it, the work is secret until Jon at Khurasan gives me the go-ahead to post about it. Needless to say it is another batch of sci-fi excellence from one of the best manufacturers in our hobby. Also one of the most patient.. I've had some of his figures in transit around the world for a few months.

As I may have mentioned, I usually have a secondary set of figures on the go to work on while the first lot is drying etc. Unfortunately, these were ALSO secret Khurasan miniatures. Dang it!

Luckily, I also have a third mini or so around while the OTHER set of figures is drying... And today I present to you the Burgansian!
This guy is from the SHM range by, sculpted by the very talented Eli of I see Lead People. These are a very characterful range of aliens and I have several more waiting in the wings. These guys make the perfect "palate cleanser" for me in a creative sense when working on unit-style miniatures. Each one adds to my nonmilitary collection, which are rapidly becoming my favorite subject.
I wanted to show off the contrast between the living creature and his mechanical chair, so I did it in a metallic style. I picked bright yellow as a skin tone for the same reason. To try to add some interest to the back of the chair and the base, I did some minor lighting effects.

Plenty going on in my head, some of it is even something I planned earlier in the year. here's a quick rundown:

-3rd go at a fast play solo shootout rule set (Lets not talk about how Throwdown panned out)
-Building more shanty shacks out of corrugated paper and bitz (I can't help it)
-Painting my Kallistra Hexxon II terrain set, dragged all the way back from the UK still boxed
-Painting my Kaiju models and the resin city I also dragged back from the UK
-Painting the awesome Khurasan post-apoc figures I have
-Painting the rest of my Khurasan Exterminators and vacc suit guys
-Painting my Alien legion JTFB figures

I have all kinds of other things planned gaming wise too, plus I want to buy the whole range of Khurasan's not-walking-dead range and even some (shh!) 28mm supers from crossover miniatures. Crikey.


  1. Sweet job on Eli's Thing. Shouldn't take you too long to stir up the ashes of your modeling-zeal and get your blog pages burning again! Looking forward to you posts.

    1. Thanks Jay!

      Zeal ain't the problem... It's time! Lately I just don't get a spare second to retreat to the hobby room :(

  2. That's a fun mini, and I like the yellow, very striking.
    Looking forward to all the secret Khurasan stuff too!

    1. Thanks Ferret! I think Jon will be announcing the next lot pretty quickly as soon as I get to finishing it ;)

  3. Lovely work! Every one of Eli's sculpts is a character in its own right.

    Good to hear you are getting back to normal once more too.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks Gavin, I'll be ordering some more soon!

  4. Fun!

    As usual, you make my sculpts look so good. I cannot wait to see more.

    This sculpt was my first attempt at sculpting a lot of mechanical elements into a figure. I was new to sculpting and very naive in the ways of materials and as such the decorative bead that had originally served as the basis for the hover platform distorted in the mold, despite Gavin's best attempts to save it.

    Lesson learned!


    1. Thanks Eli, they are a pleasure to paint! There's a tentacled chap almost finished, hopefully you won't be waiting long ;)

  5. Glad to see you're back in the swing of things! And, another vote for "love that yellow!", it really makes him stand out. This little sculpt does have a lot of character, mainly the way he's lounging on his hover thing with one leg up. Very lifelike.