Friday, 16 March 2012



Here is the Em-4 miniatures "Dunwich Detectives" 25mm scale Proto-shoggoth mini, rescaled to 15mm by doing absolutely nothing.
I painted him with my recent layered ink washes over light color method. The figure was a great candidate for washes as it's got tons of wrinkly detail. I think my color choices were a bit iffy, but it's hard to predict how the washes will look when dry.
Using the ink and washes is a bit unpredictable but is great for detailed surfaces. I will probably use it to an extent on my Khurasan mutants, but I'm doing some Armies Army figures at the moment using my more standard way of painting and it's good to be back. I still use a lot of devlan mud and badab black to get into crevices, but careful highlighting is still my weapon of choice.
The base was made by slicing some cuts into the putty I used to disguise the lip of the integral base, then putting sand on top as usual. I used Resin sand gel for the second pose, which you can see in the Workbench Photostream.

This mini looks suitably Cthuluesque enough for me now though and it's nice to be getting some different styled figures painted.
Finally, here he is with the two investigators I posted earlier in the week for scale.. What a beast!

"Shoot it in the knees"


  1. I love it! Looks like I'll be going back to em4 soon with this as my inspiration =]

  2. and at £1.75 each, a bargain!

  3. Love it, looks like those detectives will be collecting a few insanities

  4. Very nice! You made this ugly creature really ugly! Your brush is putty in your hand!

  5. Oh yes, quite disgusting.....and that's a compliment!

  6. Very cool, will need one of those.

  7. I think it came out great! The washes really work well with this mini and the base looks excellent. It is quite a beast compared to the investigators but looks in scale as a big monster.

  8. Thank you everyone!

    I have yet to play a Cthullu game of any kind but I'm getting closer to having enough models at least!

  9. Really nice, I really should start trying more white-ish colours as skintones.

    And now your really making it hard to resist urge to start an 1920s collection. But I guess the monster (proto-?)shoggoth would work quite nice in sci-fi also.

    1. Yes, he'd make a great mutant or alien. The Sheperton Gangsters make a great starting point for 1920s-1950's characters, plenty more to be painted the near future.