Sunday, 25 March 2012

New DIY Light tent/box

Using a lightbox diffuses the incoming light, which helps eliminate glare and bad shadowing.
I made a new lightbox recently as my old one was too small for group shots and big figures. I used my old terrain box, which is a folding cardboard box with a lid, and the perspex from my original lightbox.

First I unfolded the box and cut out top, right and left holes.

Next, I stuck in the semi-opaque perspex panels (tracing paper will do just as well)

folded back together, added some duct tape hinges to the lid...Alll done!
I am not getting enough light bounced off the inside of the lid, so I will add some crumpled tinfoil to try to fix this. Sadly, I'm fresh out at the moment.

If you are not happy with your mini photos, why not give something like this a try? It's a lot cheaper than a commercial light-ltent and does exactly the same job in 1/2 the space.


  1. Hmmm I keep meaning to do something like this to try and improve the photographs for my blog. So time for a couple of stupid questions.

    Do you line the inside of the box with anything like a white background, or are you just leaving it black?

    I'm guessing the hole in the front on the last picture is for actually putting miniatures in and taking pictures of them, as it doesn't have perspex in it?

    1. The back of the lid (the bit with the hole) is lined white. I find a dark background is better for my camera.

      The hole is for shooting through, yes.

  2. Nice. I made one a while back from a plastic coffee can. Saw the idea on Noel's 15mm Ork blog.

  3. Here's my DIY lightbox, its aim't pretty but it works.

    Altho the main problem I've encountered is getting good lamps that give good light (note: I've since moved on from the hilarious arrangement in the photo!).

  4. Thanks Spacejacker-I've never been completely sure how to put one of these together, this is much clearer!

  5. A nifty item to have I'd say. Nice design and build.

  6. Thanks guys, tomorrow I'm installing the tinfoil and getting hold of a piece of black paper for the backdrop.. Then I have bunch of minis to photograph for you :)

  7. Good stuff! So far I've tried Noel's coffee can idea, and it works well. My current setup is just a small shoebox with a piece of off-white cardstock for a background.