Tuesday, 20 March 2012

iBooks Author

Available free for Mac on the app store is "iBooks Author" which is an app that allows one to create books with multimedia capability to view on iPads. Since I am a big user of my iPad this immediately grabbed my interest as a gaming tool.

What if I made a rulebook that could include video demonstrations and interactive images? This would change the entire way rules are presented and read. Done right, this could be a really effective way to both  teach and utilise a set of wargame rules.

Even if I don't use it as a way to create an amazing rulebook, I think it will be a great way to make the ultimate QRS for an existing game.

Time will tell if my enthusiasm survives first contact ;)


  1. The only problem is that you will be cutting off a large (and growing) percentage of your readers!

    I don't have an ipad, and if I do get a tablet I will get an Android machine as it is far less restrictive.

    Don't annoy customers by only working with Apple machines, create an Android app as well....

  2. I'm going to release this book as a PDF primarily, I should have made it clearer that the "iBook version" is just a side project in addition to the PDF and is entirely optional. It's just a chance for me to make a prettied-up media-rich version of the book that won't obliterate a user's printer ink. The PDF will be more sparse in comparison so that folks can print it out inexpensively.

    I don't have any capability to create an android app, so that's not really an option.

  3. Hi, Jacker: I barely have a cell phone, and that's all I am willing to commit to. For me, a happy elder-senior, the printed word (PDF) is the best way to communicate ideas and rules. I will admit I am among a small group of old-time curmudgeon modelers, but we still look forward to new innovations in gaming-modeling. Hope you vision becomes a reality!

    1. Thanks Jay, I guess I'd better finish writing the actual book first, but I think there are some very useful possibilities here.

  4. I'd love to see an iBooks version.

    1. iBooks Author is very similar to Pages, which is what I am writing the PDF with.. So the main work is really making the interactive content.

      For non-commercial purposes I can now make interactive rosters or QRS sheets that have pop-out tables, make sounds etc. It's this aspect that really excites me as it's less work :)

  5. Fair enough on the classic PDF, but like Jacker - this sort of media tool gets me all tingly. I really enjoy fiddling and figuring out such apps. and all the features therein.

    Certainly handy for compiling present rulesheets for on the fly gaming without weighty rulebooks.

    Add in some Mortal Kombat voice overs for taunting "Finish him..!"

    Either way, look forward to a Throwdown tutorial, iBook style.