Friday, 23 March 2012

Gun Kata!

Here are two figures from Rebel Minis, that are dead ringers for Gun clerics. The movie inspiration was a little dull.. Black haired man with black guns, black coat, black gloves etc. so I went with boltgun metal pistols with a badab black wash.
The man in black required a bit of putty work on his hair, as he had a deep mold line running across the top of his face and hairline. There are not many options around for 15mm heroes wielding 2 pistols, and as the gun posing is quite good on these minis so I'm thinking of cutting off the upper torsos of my spare ones (you get 2 of each pose in a pack) to stick to running or otherwise un-coat-wearing legs.

There are a few others in the pack, one of which I will be using as an evil female scientist. I may do at least one more in a white "science coat", possibly with the addition of some goggles.

Overall, a pretty handy pack of minis and not much work to get finished.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi, Jacker! Sweet putty and paint work. Hope to see your pose-movement conversions soon (as if you don't have enough to do already). Rebel Minis make some nice sculpts to ply one's modeling skills...and you are making RM look good!

  2. What movie are you referring to?

  3. Chris: "Equilibrium" - a rather good dystopian movie that was unfortunately released at the same time as another film featuring gunplay between stylishly-dressed antagonists... "The Matrix". Ah, show business.

    Mold lines in hair are pretty much the worst. In 28mm scale I have at times just ground out a channel and re-sculpted the hair over it, because there's just NO fixing the mold line properly with just files and an X-Acto. Thankfully, most casters manage to avoid mold lines across the FACE... unlike the old days when it was awfully common.

    Yet more nice work as always, SJ. I will have to order some things from Rebel at some point, since they do have so many nice little sculpts. It's a good idea converting one of these into a mad scientist... the guy on the left would make a nice Dr. Horrible, I think :)

    1. ...So make the bad horse gleeful or he'll make you his mare.

  4. Sweet results Jacker. Very nice as always.

  5. Great work there, you've taken some IMHO not great models and made them look very nice.

  6. these minis are cool, I didn't know them.