Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Strike Force Entry finished!

I have updated my entry page, and replaced the photos with some new ones.. Go take a look!

As I seriously over-painted these figures (OSL on 15mm? 4-6 stage highlights? Lunacy!) I didn't get as many painted as I would have liked, but I ended up with a lot less free time than I expected for this project around the holiday break. I still have a few goodies left (A mortar, APC, and a sitting HMG gunner) which I will get to later and post here.

Art Crime Productions sponsored me for this event, and I'm both honored and grateful that they did. The figures and casting are top-notch and Jimbo is a great guy. I hope these photos push you to make an order if you were on the fence about these figures, they deserve the support.

I was sent 3 of each of the Valkyrie suits, so made sure I painted one of each to show off the differences. The bodies are all one of 2 poses, but the arms and weapons are completely interchangeable and a llow good variety of pose. The anti-tank and flamer units both have Khurasan Stowage on their backs.

The scenery in the photos is a mix of Ramshackle truck parts, and Proxie models plastic ruins. Two great sources of inexpensive 15mm scenery. Ramshackle might be a bit pricey shipping to the US, but for a UK guy like me, they proved really good value. Proxie models is based in the US, but is still very affordable for what you get, even with shipping to the UK.

Thanks for looking, and if you have some time or frequent the AA forums, please vote Spacejacker! ;)


  1. Fantastic job on these models!

  2. Great stuff! Lunatic or not, they look very good!

  3. Outstanding as always, Spacejacker-you've got my vote!

  4. Beautiful job on those. You really did ACP proud.

  5. Looking good as always, if it wasn't for my own entry i'd be voting for you :)

  6. Thank you very much folks, it's been interesting and a little grueling painting for a comp. I think these took about 4x longer per model than anything else I've ever painted, except maybe the Harook.

    Qalpha- Special thanks and best of luck sir, great entry!

  7. Lovely stuff, brilliant OSL for the scale if somewhat a sniper magnet ;)

    The lad in the back, center, is my favourite of the set release. Always good to see top notch minis get a quality paint job :)

    - T.

  8. They look brilliant. Really like the glare result on the visors. Nice models :)

  9. Heya chief, don't know how I missed these the first time around.

    They look dead sexy, love the models and I love what you did with them.

  10. Tael- He's my favorite too! I have a spare set I'm going to paint in individual colors one of these days.

    Robin- Cheers Robin, I'm looking forward to expanding the technique to other models.

    Mik- Thanks Mik, The Mercs and Valkyries are my favorite models in their respective categories. The comp has been extended for fan favorite entries until the end of the month.. Nail biting!