Friday, 6 January 2012

Please encourage this sculptor!

I'm too busy to post much at the moment, but I saw this blog today, and was really excited about these figures:

They are new greens from a blog called "Armie's Army" and are as yet without a manufacturer. I would snap these up straight away were they available. The style is nice and chunky with eminently paintable detail, and the equipment is modern but would very easily be paintable to look like excellent near-future or sci fi figures.
I don't usually re-post, but I would love to see these figures released, so am doing my bit for supporting the cause ;)
Needless to say I'll be following Armie's Army closely in future.

Back to work on my ACP figures!


  1. I agree, they are very nice figs and I would also buy them if available.

  2. Let's make them go viral!

  3. Oh wow, i agree. This minis make my wallet cower in fear.

  4. Oh yes, I wouldn't mind a few myself, they look excelllent. Let's try and get 'em up and running.

  5. Good, but personally i'm not excited about the heads...

  6. Hi

    Fully appreciate the notes guys, its very encouraging all the good word Ive had so far. Next step is production moulds and some samples. Ill be sure to send some out :)

    ps Armies Army is always open to suggestions on what youd like to see. Once im running, I hope to have some none helmeted options out and heavy weapons

    Again thanks

    Armies Army (aka Keith)

  7. These minis remind me of the chraracters from "Army of 2" the bad guys in Modern Warfare 2, and Jack Bauer when he goes berserk in season 8 of 24!

    The face masks are perfect for a sci fi paint job, or converting into something wilder. If they had bare human heads I'd be much less interested.. There's tons of bareheaded human near future forces out there already.

    Keep up the great work, and I'd be happy to paint up some samples once they are. Metal!

  8. Much appreciated the support guys. Thanks to a good friend and figure produer, production begins as soon as i have the figures ready. Im thinking of a couple of changes to the odd figure, such as more modern scopes and some RPG backpacks.

    Expect some samples in the post in appreciation

  9. Wonderful news, Can't wait to see them!

  10. I dont like bare human heads either, but i do like my head gear to be sleek. Its more about my taste, these heads appear more post apocalyptic to me, and thats not my scene-but good for those who like it!