Friday, 20 January 2012

Gruntz Imperator Mech

Imperator with Khurasan Exterminator marine for scale

Robin from Gruntz very kindly sent me an Imperator Mech which arrived today. It's a beautiful kit, very clean and no bubbles. Some of the sprue is very thick so I will need to get hold of a razor saw before I start assembling it.
The style is perfect for my collection. It's clearly a humanoid robot shape, with a manipulator hand and head-like cockpit, and to my eyes has a little bit of my favorite battletech mech's soul in it..  The Battlemaster (nicked from the Dougram anime). The 85-tonner was not the most finely tuned mech in the classic game, but I sure wreaked a lot of havok with it's quad lasers, 6-pack and PPC back in the day.

Soltic/Bigfoot from Dougram

Robin began the Gruntz project right about the time I was starting this blog. It has been both a pleasure and an inspiration to watch the project go from some homebrewed rules, to a platinum selling PDF rulebook, to a whole product range including counters and miniatures. This mech represents the fruit of all of Robin's hard work and I'm honored to own one.


  1. The artist David White was briefed to give it an early Dougram type feel. There are also 3 other designs which should be underway with the sculptor now which have a similar retro feel to them. Good luck with the painting.

  2. The Imperator is a really cool mech! It's at the top of my the 2012 15mm requisition list. Can't wait to see how you paint it up.

  3. I too await the paint job you will bring to this fine machine. Excellent design on that, just awesome!