Friday, 27 January 2012

Dealing with burnout.. Plus ORCS!

There has a been a lack of updates lately, my apologies. As usual around here, I had a lot of stuff on that I couldn't post.. Some new sci-fi soldiers and alien crewmen from Khurasan. You will have to wait until Jon releases the photos to see them though.

So, today we have some Blood Dawn Orcs I ordered from Magister Militum. As you can see, they are pretty huge.. But I love them! For scale I have included an almost-finished Copplestone barbarian. I did these while waiting for my ACP Strike Force figures to dry.. As they have the same skin tone as the armor on those guys. I'm almost out of Knarloc green as a result ;)

I'm a bit burned out right now, so I am going to perform an ancient ritual that has served me well for decades:

Clean and reorganize my painting table
Organize and Store all my unpainted figures out of sight

Once this ritual has been observed I have a new list of projects to 2012, of course!

1. Paint my new Khurasan mutants and wastelanders. I buckled and ordered the whole post-apoc range recently, and they do not disappoint.. amazing minis.

2. Finish my Orcs, Goblins and Skeletons for my Barbarians to fight. I got a few packs a while ago, all Blood Dawn, all very nice. My first goal will be to just paint one of each variant.

3. Cthulhu! I have the gangster and police sets from Khurasan to paint up as investigators and villains. I am considering repainting my octo-cultists, but may just leave them as-is.

4. Kaiju! I finally have both the rules from Ganesha and some beautiful resin city terrain from Old Crow for my long planned Mighty Monsters project. I have even painted up a Monpoc Terra Khan and almost finished my Shark monster! I'm saving these for another post.

5. Finish my new city ruins board. I have already converted and painted up some Proxie Models ruins and made a 2x2' foamcore and wallpaper board. I need to fix the wallpaper down better and edge the board before showing it off in photos. It will look like my Strike Force comp entry photo backgrounds, but be big enough to game on properly.
When it's done, I plan to play a lot more games and will report on them here. (Mighty Monsters, Combat Cards and iTEN are top of the list for now)

6. Build a 6mm travel set. This should really be covered on my 6mm blog, but I'll post there when it's done. I will probably be moving to Australia this year, and I'd like to have some gaming supplies with me when I arrive and have to wait for my other stuff to be shipped over. This set will be very minimal, which will be a fun challenge in itself.

7. Stop spending on minis and fix up my beloved VRSCDX v-rod. It's been sorely neglected in the garage all winter and needs some attention.


  1. Very nice painted figures! And your modeling goals should be mini-project at a time.

  2. Beautiful minis. Great paintjobs, and very nice sculpts. I hadn't seen the Blood Dawn Orcs before. They are very nice. Sounds like a cool project list.

  3. Love the figs. I really must get some of those Blood Dawn guys.

    As for burn out I know what you mean. I often do exactly what you said. Amazing what cleaning off the table and getting everything out of sight will do to refocusing the mind.

    Can't wait to see the new Khurasan goodness too.

    And doing a city fight with giant monsters has been a childhood dream that was nearly ruined buy getting excited by the Monsterpocalypse sets, then so uterly letdown by the rules. Hope the GG rules do it much better and simpler. They always do.

  4. You can't get burned out, I'm "painting" vicariously through you right now!

    Love the beefy Orcs, and looking forward to your 2012 HUD, rock on...

  5. Jay-Thanks! PS- If I could actually complete one at a time I'd be OK.. the crux of the problem is what do I do while paint is drying.. New Projects!! ;)

    Joe- Thank you sir! The blood dawn 15mm range is very nice indeed. Expect more on this blog soon.

    Addict- The Mighty Monsters rules read very well and I'm itching to give them a go!

    Mik- Dude, I need more of your podcasts to get me through long painting sessions! I've listened to all of them now and I even left a review on itunes :)

  6. Blood Dawn Orcs are terrific and the green flesh tone you did on them is fab SJ!
    I painted mine in flesh tones to use them as 10mm Ogres. You can see them here:

    Ps. I check your blog every week to see your wonderful painting works that keep me inspired and painting. My Painting queue is even longer than yours ;-)

  7. They look gorgeous as always. What part of Australia are you moving to (I live there)?

  8. That'll keep you busy for a while Spacejacker. Good tip for overcoming burnout too. Thanks for sharing that.

  9. those look great! I always have loved orcs- so much character- those look like really fun ones

  10. Javier- They look very nice as ogres, great job! Your blog is no less inspiring my friend.

    Graham- Back to my home town of Sydney. I've been away for seven years but a great work opportunity is bringing me back.

    Legion- Thanks, it's an oldie but a goodie!

    Ferret- Thanks! When I played GW games I always took the Orc faction. At one point I had an orc army for every system scale they produced.

  11. Looking forward to seeing what you did with the Proxy figs buildings to make them 'sci-fi.' I'm getting ready to paint the mass that I've had built for a while and will probably follow your lead.

    And ditto everyone else regarding the Orcs/Barbarian.

    1. I just stuck on some Old Crow resin pipes and metal bits from GZG and TheScene. They don't look super far-future, but you will see them soon ;)

  12. Beautiful orcs! Soft colors, and very nicely painted!

    1. Thanks Mats, I'm looking forward to completing some more!

  13. Hope you keep up the blog where-ever you go. It is very inspirational.

  14. The blog is in no danger, I might even post more often :)