Thursday, 29 December 2011

Art Crime Strike Force Project Progress

Well, the Christmas season left little time for painting unfortunately, and my Art Crime Productions troops didn't arrive until Christmas Day... But here are the first 2 fire-teams fully painted. (You can see individual paintjobs on my new Competition Page)

Fire Team Alpha

Fire Team Bravo

Doing the visors in a glowing OSL style was quite a challenge, and in retrospect I think reading some tutorials before I started may have helped (I didn't even know it was called OSL while I was doing it) ... But I did it more or less from looking at a couple of finished examples and just trying it out.

I'm happy with the results for 15mm scale figures. If you do it exactly like a 28mm fig, you lose most of the effect at table distance. As always, I've painted in a quite exaggerated style to compensate for the miniature's tiny size.

The Theme of the force was originally going to be Urban Camo with Blue lights, but the prospect of doing grey figures held me back, plus as this is a Tomorrow's War Competition, I thought it would be fitting to try to match the scheme from the front cover of Tomorrow's War.

The figures themselves are the Port Reliant Mercs pack. Joining them soon will be a grenadier figure, which I believe is so far unreleased, but will be a welcome addition to the team.

Mercenary Grenadier based and ready for paint
I spent this afternoon assembling and basing the Heart of the Strike Force, the Valkyries.
These models have been seen around the web a fair bit, and they do not disappoint in person. In this Strike Force, they will be operating in fire teams of 2. One tactical and one support.

Anti-Tank Fireteam (Front View)

Anti-Tank Fireteam (Back View)

I added some Stowage from Khurasan to all these guys to make them a bit more personalized.
Next up is the Close Assault team, which I believe is also unreleased as yet, but is a perfect unit for my Strike Force's backstory, that of a crack unit of Urban Combat Veterans.

Close Assault Team (Front View)

Close Assault Team (Back View)

Rounding out the force, a recon element of jet bikes. I was considering basing these in a very dynamic way, but I don't have the right tools at the moment and the deadline is looming, so I've just put them on 25mm bases to match the Valks. I'll probably sculpt some bricks or other junk to try to disguise the support pillar a bit better once they are painted.

Jet Bike Recon
An urban strike team needs one more thing: Snipers! I was going to build him an elaborate base, but I think for maximum gaming flexibility I will leave it as-is and maybe build a mini diorama base that it can slot into.

A sniper
Jimbo included a good few more goodies in the package, but that will be for another post. For now, lets all just hope I can get this lot done before the deadline (15th of January) Gulp!


  1. Very nicely done! Look forward to seeing them finished.

  2. I think the OSL came out very nicely. And that's a nice tutorial link.

  3. They look great SJ, those Valkyries will paint up nice, I have some DP9 battle suits I will use in a similar role.

  4. A great way to study OSL is to look for comics, illustrations etc they tend to show a wide range of colors and lightning situations.

    Love the the paint jobs, great work and I totally agree with you that in 15mm you have to exaggerate things a bit in order to make minis stand out, thats the big difference from 28mm painting and a learning process for those only used to paint bigger scales.

  5. Cool Love the visor glow. Wanna get my hands on these minis but my bank manager won't let me and probably the missus too!

  6. Can't wait to see how you do up the mechs. All in all looking good as is your MO, I'd like to throw in biting critique, you know, just to be different but you make it too hard! Have a happy new year!

  7. Thank you one and all, I'm hoping to get more done tomorrow post-hangover ;)

    Mik- I have started on the Valkyrie suit, basing, priming, base coat and initial wash all to the tune of Zoo Fiasco!

    Happy new year to you all for 2012!

  8. Very nice, inspiring painting. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my shipment from ACP from across the pond!

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    All in all looking good as is your MO, I'd like to throw in biting critique, you know, just to be different but you make it too hard.