Sunday, 20 November 2011

Solopalooza Interlude

Well, I did a lot of riding my motorcycle today and not a lot of Solo gaming. I spent some time working on cards for Street Violence/TRWNN, but all that did was make me think about the best way to track damage... My goal being zero use of pencil and paper during a game.

On the painting front, I finally got my Ramshackle Games "buildings" undercoated, and began building a 12"x12" game board/box out of a £10 chess/backgammon set I saw at the local DIY shop. A bit unscheduled, but thats how I roll. It came out quite nice, but the surface needs more paint and I think I need to get hold of some MDF instead of using foamcore for the gaming surface. It warps too much when I try to paint the textured wallpaper I am using stuck to the top. Intrigued? More on this tomorrow.

Here are the PDFs of the chits I made for last night's game, in case you want to have a quick go. If you have some minis and some D6 I really recommend it!

Click HERE to download PDF from Google Docs
Click HERE to download PDF from Google Docs

Tonight I broke out Lego Heroica, Draida bay.

(Sneak peek of undercoated game box I converted today)

 It was fun assembling the  pieces, but the game is too simplistic to enjoy alone. I tried normal mode solo (boring) and battle mode after that (still boring) and came to the conclusion that I will possibly need to write my own rules altogether.  I want to stick to the actual game components though, so this might not take long. I have all the other sets, so I think there is a lot of scope for a fun game here.

So for tonight's second game, I set out to play Space Hulk: Death Angel... The small boxed Space Hulk card game. 

The rulebook is fairly difficult to understand on first read, as it doesn't seem to explain concepts in any kind of order. Or maybe it's just too late at night. I am giving up in the name of sleep tonight, I will return to the game (all set up now) tomorrow morning and hopefully get a game in before I try to paint some bad guys for Crom.


  1. Hey! Thanks for posting your chits for TRWNN. Looking forward to giving this a shot, along with Gut Check again. Cheers!

  2. Keep trying Space Hulk: DA, it's a very fast & fun game.

  3. Thanks very much for posting the chits. They look great.

  4. Keep us in the loop about those custom Heroica rules. I find the basic rules boring as well.

  5. I am taking the Print N Play rules for Dungeon in a Tin and using those for Heroica. It has most of what you need except movement rules for the goblins.

  6. Great Tip Cougar, thank you very much!

  7. I like the TRWNN chits but wanted to let you know two things on the lettering of the character names.

    1. 'assasin' should be 'assassin'.

    2. The 'Robot', I think, looks like 'ROGOT'. I compared the other representations of the letter b and see that you used the lower case. Perhaps that's the difference.

    No matter what, I've grabbed these files and look forward to using them. Cheers!