Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tomorrow's War Strike Force Project: Test Paint

Test color scheme
Here is my first stab at the color scheme I'll be using for the  Strike Force competition. The model is an Art Crime Productions Rim Mercenary.

The base is unpainted, and the photo has come out very dark... I think I need to build a softbox and get a decent lamp if I'm going to try photography at night again.It was done like so:

Base coat of Vallejo Russian Green
Badab Black ink wash
Repaint large areas with original color
Highlight with 50/50 GW Knarloc green/Russian green
Highlight with Knarloc green
Highlight with 50/50 Knarloc green/Gretchin green
Highlight Gretchin green

Packs and weapon:
Basecoat Adeptus Battlegrey
Badab Black ink wash
Paint surfaces with Adeptus Battlegrey
Highlight with 50/50 Adeptus battlegrey/Codex grey
Highlight edges with Codex grey
Pick out buttons and grenade pins with boltgun metal

Vallejo Flat Blue
highlight up to white in blobs
paint some mid blue/white onto surrounding edges to try and simulate light.

This is a level of highlighting I do not normally do. In fact 2 highlights is pretty much my rule most of the time. However, the work I put into my Garn Flesheater was at a similar level and while it's probably unnecessary effort, I can tell the difference. If I'm going to do this I may as well do it was well as I can.

I found the trick with the OSL effect was to keep it small. I originally had it spilling out down his left arm, but it looked better when more understated. If the figure doesn't have a gun near it's face I don't think there will be much to do with this effect on other models.


  1. Nice. IMHO this troop battle gear is in keeping with your paint style.

  2. nice painting... also models are really cool, will have to look to the website..

  3. really nice colour scheme and painting, the OSL is still slightly too overpowering, if you look at the lip on the helmet there is no way for the flight from the visor to reflect up there.

    make is about half as much and maybe a touch brighter.

  4. What a great looking mini... and paint job!

  5. Oh! That looks good! It's actually the colour scheme I was planning for my UNSC until I came across this page and your orange visors changed my mind. :)

    Not often you see OSL on 15mm figures and although it's perhaps a bit strong here it might be just what's needed for it to pop on this smaller scale. You need to be bold when painting 15mm and all that. Hehe!

  6. Very nice. I think it will look great on the tabletop.

  7. Thanks for the positive response guys, I'm keen to finish some more. The OSL looks extreme this close up, but At normal distance it's less obvious. I'm going to tone it back a tiny bit though.

    Martin- I'm planning to do some ACP figs as exo armored rangers for my UNSC eventually, orange visors ahoy!

  8. Using the Valkyries? I'm planning to do just that as well. Haha! Great minds think alike, eh?

  9. As soon as I saw this I ordered myself a set... these are really cool looking.

  10. yes, brilliant, well done, love the OSL.

  11. Very nice, Spacejacker, as always! Good luck in the competition!

  12. as John Cusak said in High Fidelity "I will now sell 3 copies of the Beta Band", que album.

    Only Spacejacker just said with that pick:
    "and I will now sell 1000 figs for art crime productions"

    ACP are genius, getting you to enter their stuff. Beautiful paint, nice figs. I am not entering now(not that I had a chance anyway). My votes will be for you.

  13. Thanks again Dan, Gunrunner, I'm looking forward to getting stuck into these guys.

    Martin- I'm using GZG suits for BTAs and Mercs as exo armor

    Mr Harold- You won't be disappointed, they have a ton of character and are quite easy to paint with good chunky detail.

    Ken- Shucks, I hope so, they are great figures. Thanks for the vote of confidence, and don't give up we gotta give those 28mm guys a run for their money!

  14. really nice work and i must say i enjoyed looking through some of your game reports as well

  15. You are quite the boon to ACP, your painting (as usual) looks fantastic, but seeing applied to this figure has me sold on them. I've got to pick some of these up, if for no other reason than how cool you made it look here.

    Not bad for a test paint, knucklehead.

  16. Thanks Galpy, glad you enjoy the reports, hopefully more to come over the holidays!

    Mik- Thanks buddy, they are very nice figures, good and chunky yet rich in detail. I've got the rest of the Mercs on the go now while I wait for the rest of the force to arrive from the US. I found that I can skip 2 of the highlight stages and you can't tell the difference at all, so the rest will go quicker.

  17. They are look brilliant. If only I had the time to paint my own!

  18. Robin,
    get off your tookas and get to it! ;)
    These look great,just like i expected! :)
    Hope everyone loves them and you win the contest!!! Best of Luck!

  19. where do you buy this things
    and what do you call this figures.
    whats the name of the product