Saturday, 19 November 2011

Solopalooza Night 3: TRWNN in Space!

I have pieced together an old version of "The Rules With No Name" from a 1996 free version on the web. The game is now a full color Foundry hardback set of rules for shootouts in the old west.

Low figure count,  random draw activation.. Sounded perfect for the basis of a "Throwdown" game. Our old Necromunda games were very old-west flavored back in the day, and western style gunfights are more my speed than army actions so I had high hopes.

I also made my own damage chits for the game. TRWNN's downloads page has a nice western flavored set, but for sci fi I wanted something a little more thematic. Plus mine have blood explosions.

Custom Fate Chits
I chose 4 characters, co-responding fate chits for them and ranked them:

Blak's Crew, figures are GZG and Khurasan
"Ace" Black, Legend with Pistol.
"Bruiser" Grakk, Veteran with 2 pistols.
"Lady" Alice, Fighter with 2 Pistols
"Sniper" Mc Gillicutty with a rifle.

Wasteland Raiders, figures are all post-apoc raiders from Khurasan
"Boss" Sixkiller, Legend with Pistol
"Pistol" Eevan, Veteran with 2 pistols
"Blaster" Skedge, Fighter with Shotgun
"Rifle" Sal, Fighter with rifle.

I set up a run down colony mining outpost, with mostly the same terrain as last night's game and quickly came up with a scenario.

Blak and his crew had got wind of an outpost that had been abandoned due to dangerous wildlife. The inhabitants had reportedly left some large deposits of Solonium throughout the place. Blak's team dusted down nearby and walked into town trying to keep a low profile. 

I chose an approach edge and then placed 6 entry points out of my model's LOS. When an enemy fate chit was drawn, it would appear at a random one of these spots. These spots could also be used to exit from if out of LOS of my models, representing the raiders superior local knowledge.

The board before the first fate chit was turned
Additionally, I scribbled down some simple AI rules. After activating, an enemy model rolls a d6. on a 1-3 it would put all it's efforts into getting to the objective (in this case, the Blue Solonium deposits) on a 4-6 it would instead attack the nearest enemy model.

One piece of Solonium was on the roof of the bar, and the other two were locked in shacks. It would take 1 full turn to break into a shack and another to enter, grab the Solonium and then be placed back outside the door that was entered through. 

Once in possession of  Solonium, the same rule applied (1-3 pursue objective, 4-6 kill nearest) except instead of moving to get it, the enemy would move to escape via an available exit point.

Blak's crew walk into town...
I turned the first chit...

Ace Blak activated first and moved up to the bar.  Then Boss Sixkiller activated (then rolled a 1 for deployment) appearing in the ruins right next to my crew, and took a Move+Fire action. 
The Legendary bandit blazed away and hit McGillicutty twice with a big-bore pistol at close range.. I drew two kill shots to the chest. McGillicutty hit the dirt gushing blood, stone dead. Before anyone could react, the turn ended! Reshuffle the Fate chits and start again.

Lady Alice, splattered with McGillicutty's blood,  spun in place and blazed at Sixkiller, but missed and emptied her clip. Bruiser Grakk went next and ran for cover.

The black chits are extra action cards that have been claimed and used up
The coolest thing about the fate chits is that as a solo player you can lay them out in a row as they are drawn, so you always know what's going on.

Both sides scrambled through the shanty town trying to get a good angle to attack or grab some loot. Bruiser emptied his guns at Sixkiller to no avail. Blaster Skedge let rip at Alice with his Shotgun. 

Shotgun spread represented by 2 blast markers
His shot went a little wide though, and while he managed to catch Alice with both barrels, he also caught Eevan in the blast.

Aggh.. You idiot!
Alice got off lightly..

Eevan was not so lucky. Friendly fire is a bitch.
The raiders got some good fate chits and were greedily breaking into shacks and running off with Solonium while Alice lost her nerve and slipped away from the battle.
Bruiser managed to dash around and blow Skedge away

Bruiser takes out the shotgunner

Oof! Ace rolls triple 1's and falls over. What a guy.
"So long, suckers!" Yelled Sixkiller as he escaped down an allley, arms full of Solonium.

Ace and Bruiser dusted themselves off sheepishly and took stock of the situation. "Well, at least one of us didn't fall over, Ace." Said Grakk. 

With all the raiders off the board, it was time for the butcher's bill.

Blak's crew loses,7 pts to 8.
With a Solonium shard worth 3 VPs and a kill worth 2, Blak's crew came up short.

What a riot! These rules are exactly what I look for in a solo game.. Suspenseful and fun, yet you can keep the main rule mechanics in your head because they are so simple, meaning very little referring to the rules during play. Using skills for the models would increase the complexity somewhat, but using data cards for the models would fix that too.

TRWNN are a blast in my book, and I'm looking forward to tinkering with it some more. My simple "50-50" AI rolls worked a treat. Easy enough to remember without any trouble, and providing uncertain yet sensible enemy behavior.

Next game I'm going to use playing cards for the fate deck and simply mark a card ID on each character card.. eg: Grakk=Jack, Alice =Queen. Diamonds for enemy and Spades for me (Hearts will be used for the extra action cards that make the game so much fun). I loved my damage chits, much more fun than reading text.

All in all, a very successful game. But t's 2:20 am.. I'm off to bed!


  1. Brilliant! What a fun game. I played a lot of TRWNN back when they were available for free on the web too. Any chance we could get you to share the chits you made up?

  2. Another great AAR, with amazing figures and scenery.

  3. Thanks very much, it was a lot of fun.the fate deck for activation is just pure gold. Suspenseful , ultra fast and just about idiot proof.

    CC- I am in the middle of writing up a cloned rules booklet and will include the chits in that. To speed it up I'll do the campaign booklet separately.

  4. Great AAR; I had forgotten about the Foundry rules. I have their other free set called Streetfight, sadly no longer available, which use the same mechanics, but have a more modern feel to them.

  5. Great report and beautiful minis, terrain and pics.

  6. @Oldschool: Thanks for the tip about Streetfight. I did a quick web search for it and found they still have them for free download at The Warstore. link
    You have to change quantity to 1, add them to your cart, and then check out. You get an e-mail with a link to the pdf. Or I could just send anyone interested the pdf.

  7. Luckyjoe. Streetfight is a really fun system, good to know it is still out there. Lots of additional rules and weapon types to suit a modern game. Likewise happy to send anyone the PDF.

  8. I just got the street violence rules from the Warstore. They are basically identical, except that there is a new action:

    The character may do nothing except move up to 2” in any direction. After he has moved the character may be placed facing in any direction you wish.

    This 'fixes' the one problem I had with the game's movement system. I was going to change a normal move so you could turn either before OR after instead of just before.. But I'll see how this rule works first.

    I'm working on a data card that includes a character's damage status right now instead of painting. Board or card game tonight I think!

  9. Just had a look at the version from Warstore. Not the same as the one I have, which has a colour cover, more finished layout and comes in two parts.
    I haven't looked at the two versions in detail yet, but one thing I noticed is that the Warstore version doesn't seem to show the automatic weapons deck, although it does have the descriptions.

  10. Oldschool, I'd love to see that pdf! You can email me at thespacejacker(AT)gmail(DOT)com


  11. Great post, aar, figures and terrain superb! Just downloaded those Streetfight rules, nice find Luckyjoe.

  12. Very nice AAR. You got me to download the rules, too. The version I have has pencil drawings. I don't see any cards that go with it.

  13. Chris- I made the cards myself, I will be posting them in a few minutes.

  14. I've really enjoyed your last two AARs. Very inspiring. I'm going to head on over to The Warstore right now and download Street Violence.

  15. Do you have to grow a beard to be part of the solo event month? I had a vasectomy last week - does that count toward membership?