Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Solopalooza Day 5: Mini Board with Zombies!

SO last night I worked on modifying a "7 in 1" classic game box into a mini skirmish board and storage solution.. Otherwise known as arm's reach desktop gaming table.

My new 12"x12" game box
The gaming surface is some textured wallpaper stuck to the original lid with 3m spray adhesive. There is another sheet on the reverse side that I plan to paint in earth and grass tones, but it's white for now.

With Khurasan Containment Protocol minis
The scenery is all resin vehicle parts from Ramshackle games. Most were less than £2 each and were simply painted without any further modeling. The exceptions are the Hexagon (Imex leftover and foamcore) and the building in the top left corner, which is a Ramshackle thin plate glued on top of a foamcore box with GZG vents glued on the outside.

As all the pieces are rectangular and not fixed to the surface, it is easy to make complex layouts like re-arranging building blocks. The board is so small that it absolutely requires a lot of LOS blocking obstacles.

Tonight I had a lot to do (flat inspection tomorrow) so only had time for a quick game. Here is the scenario I made up for the rules I'm now calling "Space Guns", which is TRWNN more or less re-written by yours truly. PDF almost ready to share too, plus a fancy shooting chart and damage tracking data cards (!)

Zombie Survival
Zombies all activate on a zombie activation chit. They can only shuffle around (relocate 2"). In combat they count as using fists. They count as fighters. They don't take Nerve tests.

The Zombie hound has it's own activation chit, counts a fighter with a knife in CQC, and moves 2d6.

If a human is wounded by a zombie, it must roll above it's total wounds every time it activates to see if it succumbs to Zombie plague and "turns", becoming a zombie. Killed humans become zombies but still activate on their original chit.

Setup: Set an entry and exit point. The player wins if he can get 50% of the team off the board.

Place 6 spawn points on the board. When an enemy has it's first activation, roll a d6 to see which point it emerges from, out of LOS of the player's forces.

Okay ramblers, lets get rambling..


Spoiler alert. I had to cut the game short. Normally I wouldn't even bother posting it, but this is part of solo gaming so here you go.

The very first thing I realized was that having all zombies activate on the same counter was good, except I shouldn't have put a counter in for each one of them. This meant that they basically moved too fast and swarmed my men before I got more than 2 out of the entry point! This wasn't right at all.

The other rules are fine, but I think I will put split the z's into mobs of 3 and activate each mob with it's own counter. Sadly I have to stop for tonight, so goodnight and thanks for reading about my week of solo gaming... My girlfriend is home tomorrow so I'm back to my regular schedule...


  1. That's supercool -- I like that idea for a small game board a lot.

  2. Great little board - you could do another few and you'd have a big modular setup...
    I really like the storage underneath too - nice portable game

  3. The gaming board looks fantastic, maybe this 15mm lark has something going for it after all :-)

    Really looking forward to seeing what you have done with TRWNN. The full rules arrived yesterday and some nice ideas not included in the short version - stray shots, shotguns, getting a clear shot among others.

    I only recently found your blog, but the posts have been an inspiration. I am now completely rethinking my own approach to solo gaming and rules.

  4. Brilliant box mod! I have one lying about somewhere - consider your idea stolen!

  5. Thanks guys, the board is not bad for the tiny effort it took. I have tons of wallpaper left, so will be making more in future.

    Oldschool- Glad you enjoy the blog :) My TRWNN version is going to be pretty bare bones, mainly just stripping out all the GM references, chatty comments and dueling rules. I spent ages making a fancy looking shooting chart but have decided I prefer pulling chits.. Oh well. I have got all the main stuff finished, including a spiffy character data card, but am currently trying to figure out a decent warband progression/campaign system. Like everything for solo gaming, simpler is almost always better IMO, so shouldn't take long.

    JF- Thanks, I only wish it were a little larger! Storing all your dice, cards, minis and counters in the box is so cool :)

  6. Spacejacker - I was a great fan of layer on layer of detail and rules to cover every possibility. I'm now definitely converted to the simple is best school.
    The rule book has a nice simple experience system. I'll email the bones to you.

  7. Great job on that! I love small venues for gaming.

  8. It is a very good idea and the realization is just COOL.

  9. Hi,Jacker, thanks. Great mini-mini-gameboard!!! Man, that's right up alley. I am a diehard veteran small gameboard skirmish dyed-in-the-wool solo-wargamer. Smaller and easier is my motto.

  10. That wallpaper texture reminds me of those zuzzy mats. Nice find.

  11. That's excellent, just shows what can be achieved in a small space. Do the buildings fit into the box as well?

  12. Sadly no, most of the buildings are too large to fit inside. However that's a good second project.. Build a set of walls that do fit inside. Hmm.. Got some Hirst Arts tiles lying around...