Friday, 4 November 2011

Coming up...November 15th- Solopalooza

According to JF on Solo Nexus , November is the month to appreciate Solo gaming. Here at TSS, I'm all about the solo gaming.. Although I tend to spend a great deal of time painting and building an writing than actually playing.

But the dice gods have clearly glared at me this month, as my girlfriend is going on a trip on the 15th and I will have the house to myself.. Time for a solo buffet all night, every night, all week.

What's on the menu? A lot!

Elder Sign is a game I've had for a while and enjoy playing. I got my ass kicked the first few times, but after my first win, it's been pretty smooth sailing. I am gradually getting through all the investigators and Ancient ones.

Gears of War: The board game has been on the shelf un-played since I bought it due to lack of time and space. I can set up Elder sign on my desk, but I think I need to use a table for this one and there just hasn't been a time I could do this. I have high hopes for this one.. If it's especially good I think it would be cool to clone it for 15mm figures in a generic sci-fi setting.

5150: Star Army  is IMHO the best game THW has ever released. I've got new Zieg troops (riflethings) APC's and walkers to try. Not to mention my spiffy new QRS cards.

Homebrew Games: Gut check 2.0 , The rules with no name -in spaaace, and PLASTIC SLAM, an attempt at pro wrestling minis solo (with my new figures that arrived yesterday from Harry in the USA.. Thanks Harry!) are all waiting.

Forbidden Island I got this inbound to play with the GF, but will run it solo to get the rules down. Looks like a fun game.

Lego Heroica isn't strictly speaking a solo game, but I have 3 sets (the castle, the forest and the underground) on their way in from Amazon and I'll be spending at least one evening tinkering with it. I hear the rules are OK at best so I'll maybe try to whip up some of my own. I love the 3d character sheets and micro scale scenery and how bringing any piece in from the Lego range will be visually seamless. If anyone has a good suggestion for rules that would be good for tile based solo dungeoneering, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Looks like a great line-up!

    I hadn't heard of Lego Heroica until now. What's not to love about fantasy-themed Legos? I imagine you could make a fun solo dungeon crawl with those sets.

  2. Nice line-up. Forbidden Island is great.. play that alot with the nephews.

  3. I really really want to try Forbidden Island!

  4. Hooray for Solopalooza! Looking forward to your Plastic Slam idea!

  5. My son and I play Heroica and he completely dominates that game everytime and he's only 7. He did the same thing in Stargrunt, but then I did give myself greens and him I gave blues and better terrain.

  6. Looking forward to trying Lego Heroica - that looks right up our street and will likely be one of my Christmas gifts to ourselves! Thanks for the tip.

    Forbidden Island has been a big hit in our household, especially as it works solo or co-op.

    I agree 5150 Star Army is the best yet from Two Hour Wargames although, like yourself, I am inclined to reduce squad sizes to suit my generally smaller games.

    Elder Sign and Gears of War sound great - I look forward to hearing how it all goes.

  7. This is great. I'm always looking for games to pull the wife into the world of gaming (a though task I assure you). After looking at your line-up, i did some research on Forbidden Island and purchased. I have high hopes for this game. Enjoy your solo gaming and thanks for the great info.