Friday, 11 November 2011

Blood Dawn Orcs and other foes

Blood Dawn Orc, Cooplestone barbarian hero, Blood dawn goblin and skeleton
I have been quiet this week, but that's mainly due to Khurasan secrecy. I have a few nice new painted models to show when I get the nod from Jon.

Amongst my Solopalooza supplies arriving by post this week (Lego Heroica and Forbidden Island are in hand) I received the Blood Dawn 15mm fantasy figures I ordered a while ago from Magister Militum.

They sure don't disappoint.. The orcs are magnificent beasts, the goblins goblinesque and the skeletons menacing.  People warn they are on the large side, but the Copplestone figures are about 18mm, so I think they scale very well with them.

As you can see, I've made a bit of progress with another barbarian. As Scott Pyle said, these figures "practically paint themselves". The surfaces and details are so brush-friendly and easy to hit that it's a pleasure to paint them. I'm looking forward to some games of Crom against these foes soon.

More posts during Solopalooza.. In fact I'll probably be doing a daily update!


  1. These figures have a lot of character, 'Jacker. And your paint expertise will bring them to life on the battlefield.

  2. I have a bunch of the skeltons as well. I think they were sold as something else(from someone else) at one point. I have pulled some out of the multi based army for my 15mm dungeon tiles project. They look great.