Friday, 7 October 2011

UNSC Medic

 As I fill out the empty spots in my force for 5150SA, I needed a medic option. This is a figure from the UNSC Command and coms pack from GZG. I chose him because he looks different enough from other troopers with his medical kit and kneeling pose. His gun is on the ground too, which is a nice visual reminder that medics in 5150SA do not shoot at the enemy.

I did the top of his helmet casing white and did his backpack green with a badge to try to help pick him out further. I have also started using little fragments of clump foliage instead of static grass on the bases of my figures. I'm not abandoning the static grass altogether, but superglueing a lump of this stuff on is a lot faster and less messy that the static grass. I think it looks pretty good too.

How did I paint the red crosses onto areas that were mostly smaller than 2mm? To quote Egg Chan from Big Trouble In Little China: "Wasn't easy." A double-0 brush (I normally prefer a 0) and a lot of holding my breath were the key ingredients.

I've finished most of my custom card-sized QRS sheets, so battle 3 should be coming up soon, featuring all new terrain, fancy PEF counters and QRS cards, I can't wait ;)

This guy was actually done while waiting for other things to dry. I'm working on several brand new figures for Khurasan, which as usual are secret. They are looking good though, so hopefully I can show them soon.


  1. "You leave Jack Burton alone!"

    This is my favorite of your UNSC troopers to date by the way.

  2. Mik- It's all in the reflexes.

    (actually, it's all in the effort.. This one took about 5x as long as a normal UNSC trooper!)

  3. The extra time payed off and I absolutely love the idea of turning that UNSC into a medic... I feel tempted to steal your idea now :)